Monday, December 29, 2014

Make it monday! - Twine & chicken wire treetopper

It's make it monday time again!
I could not figure out what to do for my tree topper this year.I saw a rustic tree star at wlamart but when I went to get it , it was sold out.
I found this little beauty on Pintrest.. And decided to try my luck at making my own.
(click on link to go to site)
but then I thought that was pretty plain... and I saw this one...
(click to go to pinned blog- I couldn't find it on the page )
So I decided to combine the two & make my own!

So today Im gonna show you how to make ...
A twine & chicken wire Treetopper
Here's what ya need:
*twine (I had leftover from prev project that I got at dollar tree)
*10 paint stirrers ( I work at walmart & asked & got them)
*chicken wire( I live in the country & had some left over)
*grapevine or sticks
(so far project cost me $0 YEAH!!!)
tools- hot glue gun, scissors, staple gun,wire cutters & some kind of cardboard you gut into strips)

Step 1- Decide how big you want your star to be and then cut the stirrers. I cut off the straight part & left the indented parts. Now place them on the floor and make your star design.
Take your hot glue and glue the conjoining points.
Step2- When your done with that take your twine & just start wrapping...
(ignore the stuff on the rug lol)
Step3-  until all of it is covered.
Note:I put hot glue on the points and then rewrapped up the side)
Step4- Measure your chicken wire & cut out a square big enough to cover it.
Taking some wire cutters cut around the shape of the star so it doesn't
stick out from your star. Mine did on a few but it gives it more of a rustic feel.
Step5- cut out some cardboard strips (you'll need 10) put them on the back over the
wire & using a staple gun staple to hold the chicken wire to your frame.
Step6- I used some grapevine for this part. I just cut off peices long enough to cover each point.
I made little piles. then using twine I just wrapped and tied a knot to hold them secure one on one side one on the outher...
Step7- do this to all 10 points
Step8- Now it is time to make it your won & decorate it... unless you want just the star.
I had 3 sprigs of white & red berrys & a white bird. I also wanted to incorporate my colors so I made a bow of teal tulle and a smaller bow with two loooong tails of some merry christmas ribbon.
Step 9- assemble it on your tree. I used the top branches and kinda wove them in the chicken wire to help hold in place. Then I took some pipecleaner and wrapped through the star and the tree branch to help secure it better.
I then put my bow on the branch right in front of it. added my bird in front of that... then stuck the 3 sprigs into the back of the bow.
I thought the star was a little big at first until I put the bow & stuff on...
& there ya go. Im always on the lookout for new tree ideas... So if ya got any ideas let me know.
& like always if ya have any questions please feel free to ask =)

Happy Craftin Ya'all
until next time...

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