Wednesday, April 21, 2010

is today wednesday already????

Guess that means a new list of Disney -ish type of digital kits for ya all!
I haven't found too many this week. Of course after my monster list last week, some of you may be
Since it's wednesday you know there is of course a new layout challenge at

Hello! I am super excited to host this week’s challenge. This week’s challenge is pretty open ended and I hope lots of people can participate!

Disney Top 10 Lists

Your challenge this week is to create a layout of Disney Top 10’s. I chose to do a layout about my 10 favorite things at WDW on our first trip, but your list of 10s can be anything Disney related. Some ideas you could use:

Top 10 Disney World Memories
Top 10 restaurants at the world
Favorite 10 Characters
Your 10 favorite Disney pictures
10 activities you must do on every Disney trip…

And the list could go on and on! Feel free to use one of those idea starters or come up with your own List of Top 10’s.

Your layout can have pictures or not, whatever works for you. You need to incorporate one Mickey, hidden or not. You must have at least 4 lines of journaling to tell the story of your top 10s (a list counts!)

Requirement recap
  • [*]-list of YOUR Disney Top 10 in whatever category you choose
    *]-hidden or not so hidden Mickey
    *]-can be all journaling or pictures and journaling
    *]-at least 4 lines of journaling (a list of your 10 counts)
    *]-upload your layout to the Mousescrappers gallery, list your credits, link it here and in the appropriate forum thread.
    *]-if you can, leave loves for your fellow participants
Sounds like fun!
It also looks like they have a new template challenge up too !

okay now on to the Disney goodness.....
1)neverland has a freebie O'toodles for a limited time
2)Fairy princess- scrappin sisters
3)Speedy does it- southern creek designs $4.49 sale $3.37
4)just beachy the hand cut stuff- plain digital wrapper $4 sale $3
5)just beachy the real stuff- plain digital wrapper $4 sale $3
6)creepy crawler feltys- tracy monette $2.40
7)happy sea- americo $1.95
8)oriental inspiration- scrappybug
9)safari qp- thunder scrap
10)tales of the orient- sherrie JD $4.00

11)peace love luck- psychoZoe
12)peace love luck- psychoZoe
13)peace love luck- psychoZoe
14)peace love luck- psychoZoe
15)peace love luck qp- scrapheapscum
16)opening night- brittish designs/ stolen moments $ 7.00
17)opening night off script- brittish designs/ stolen moments $3.25
18)opening night freebie- brittish designs
19)opening night freebie- stolen moments
20)puddle jumper- connie prince $3.49

21)puddle jumper wordart- kims scraps $2.29
22)little bit rock- pixieperfectdesigns $5.00
23)lil bunny foo- pixie perfect designs $4.00
24)cute alice-dani salles $4.00 sale $3.20
25)african friends- elyane araujo $6.99 sale $4.54
26)deep blue sea- digilicious designs $3.00
27)high octane- heather roselli $6.99
28)tol korean 1st birthday- helena jole $6.00

kellybell has some new stuff too
she has 2 freebies- when you wish upon a star qp
mickey head balloons word art

mickey head balloons revisited $2.00
that covers it! $ 3.50

well I guess there was more than I thought today. Remember to get to the kits click the higlighted names . and the "freebee" is from dede smith's "friendz of the woods" kit

believing is only the beginning...

quote of the day: Dr. Jumba Jookiba: [approaches containment chamber] Oh, can it be? Have I done it?
Stitch: [uncurls, looks around] Ooh...
Dr. Jumba Jookiba: So cute. So fluffy, even.
[Jumba stares into glass, Stitch sniffs around]
Dr. Jumba Jookiba: Where did I go wrong?
Stitch: [Stitch growls, jumps wildly around glass]
Dr. Jumba Jookiba: Ha-ha-ha, what a relief.
~ lilo and stitch 2

Thursday, April 15, 2010

okay very frustrated

As some of you have read last year around this same time, I had dhs called on me for abusing my children. I was investigated and found unfounded. At the time I sent my two older kids to their dads for awhile to see if that would help. It didn't.
The two came back in august of last year. At first things went well. I ended up having to write down all the house rules and have my 4 kids initial and sign them. Well pretty soon my kids started the whole calling dhs on me again.
Last month i took my sons cell phone. Our rule for him to have it is he cannot delete messages and has to have text checks, can't take it to school, no calls or texts after 9 on school nights midnight on weekends. thats it. Well upon going through his messages i came across some very sexual content texts between him and his girlfriend, hes 14 shes 12. When i came across those I started to thoroughly go through the texts. he had tried deleting them, but must have missed some. he had like 7 replies from her in a row but nothing from him or vice versa throughout the 500 texts. So I took the phone. the next day I was going through the phone and found a porno video on it. I took the phone to my mothers and showed her so i would have proof.
Well the phone ended up being taken. he vehemently denied it . but upon posting something on his facebook, A friend of his told me who had his phone. after several nasty emails from the girl, I finally told her I was going to contact the police and go get the phone. I knew where she lived but did not want to go if her parents werent there. she agreed to bring and give my older son the hone the next day. Now when he wouldnt tell me where the phone was i made him pick up the trash by the burn barell, and rake it up so it could be burned, take everything out of the cupboard, and wash down the flat part. Well he threw a fit.

So i get the phone and everything is fine. 2 days later, I drive the kids to school and stop to get gas as i am on E. my last $24.00 was gone. I asked the kids where it was and finally told riley i needed it i needed gas. he told me i always blame him for everything, and he did not take my money, yelling the whole way up to the school. Right before we got to the school I told him that he was going to call my mother up and tell her why I would not be able to go pick her & my sister up for my youngest daughters bday party the next day. As I stopped to let them out he slams down the money on my console and gets out of the car without saying anything.

That night when the kids get home we started getting everything ready for my daughters party, and she tells me that she has to tell me something that shes not supposed to. I ask her what and she says that a cop came and talked to riley at school and they are coming to talk to me the next day... during her bday party. I immediately call the sherriffs. I swear they all know me by now. Explain the situation and ask what to do. he says he has no report about it, and i should put riley on the fins that his older brother is on. Well no one came to talk to me. I asked the principal and the resource officer about what happened and found that riley had went to school and told a friend that he was scared to come home and could he go home with him, that he was being abused at home. the kid called his mom who was worried and I guess talked to a sherriff.

Now after all this , my husbands friends was going to buy our blackberry pearl. we went to get it and this too ended up being missing. My son cried and said he really didnt take it this time and i always blame him for everything. finally i told him to cut the crapt and tell me who had the phone. he told me the kids name and i had him email him and call him .I got the phone back. and went up to file the fins. I was also told by a detective to turn him in for theft.
Now this was a hard decision because how can you turn your own child in. well if you have had the cops called on you as many times as i have and been falsely accused by your own children that you love and would die for. you would do it to. I knew he needed to learn there was consequences for his actions and he could not just go run and yell abuse when he got into trouble.
Where my kids learned this is beyond me. I really don't have bad rules, and they do very little chores.I do not know what kind of world that we live in when a child decides he doesnt want to be punished for something he or she did that was bad, can just run and yell abuse and the parents are the ones that are punished. Now I know I have done nothing wrong, and I can prove especially this last one (my son got misdemeanor theft and has to appear before teen court , and when the juvenile intake officer asked him if he was being abused at home he told her no and she asked why he said that and he said spite) But we live in a small town and people are always wondering if i did or not. I used to volunteer at the school and I don't do that anymore. and it seems like every time one of these investigations get done another one happens. I read on the site for dhs that it stays on your record for 7 years. In hind site I guess i should have been a better parent and turned my child in for breaking into a house and smoking pot, staying there all night. or sneaking out, or yes when my son hit me. but as a parent we dont want those things for our kids. I felt like a horrible mother when I went in and pressed charges on my son, but I would feel even worse if I did nothing and he stole something later and gotten into real trouble for it, or my son decided he didnt like what his wife or girlfriend was saying to him and he beat her.

So anyways why I am ranting today..... yesterday I get a phone call from a case worker informing me she needs directions to our house, and that she needs to set up an time for me to bring my kids in to interview..... AGAIN! my daughter has been to cheer practice all this week and she has to go next week or she cannot tryout. this is really making me mad, all because my son got caught stealing something and knew he was going to be punished.
what I also don't understand is why the dhs doesnt look at all the reports and do something about the false reports. If just once they would have said after me being interviewed, you do have to have rules, and you have to listen to your mom... maybe they would have seen that they can't use the system. The intake officer said that very same thing to my son, the police officer who charged him said it, the cop that arrested my older son for restraining me and not letting me and my younger kids out of my room, said it .
I don't know. But I do know i can use all the prayers available. I know they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but exactly how much can you take before you break.

thanks for listening

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wed... and on time ! Disney -ish disney kits

hello guys ! I am sooo sorry I didnt get a list up last week we have had soo much
going on. Lot's of personal stuff, and some good stuff too. My daughter has been in cheer camp for 2 years as they didnt have a squad for that age. Then moved up to peewee cheerleading for the last 2 years. Now she is trying out for actual junior high cheer squad. She has been going every day this week and next then will tryout on the 25th. She is very excited! So please wish her luck!

Today is Wednesday and that means a new layout challenge is posted on mousescrappers.
This one is short and sweet....
This is going to be a very easy challenge since we have so many going on at the same time. Please use only pastel colors (as many or as few as you wish), purple, pink and/or yellow. Only one photo with Disney Characters/Character. Also journal, title and date your layout. That's it just have fun and please remember to thank Connie when ever you can for her generous gift.

There is also a template challenge going on ...AND 2 telephone challenges.

okay this is going to be a long list since I have 2 lists saved up... So bear with me
Enjoy! =)

1)happy spring- carola mondini $5.00 sale $1.00
2)explorer, discoverer- lipstick designs $1.00
3)safari kit- catia cunha $7.00 sale $4.20
4)kit cosmos- designs by alevtina $5.70 isnt working now so the pic won't show
5)rockers world- unleashed scraps $4.49
6)3 ringed circus- double dutch scraps $4.99
7)backyard explorer- heart to heart designs $4.oo
8)orchid elixir- studio tangie $ 6.95 sale $5.56
9)trafalgar- glam fairy $ 6.80 sale $4.08
10)impressions of the sea- studio girls $ 8.99 sale $5.93

11)little safari- ellie lash $ 6.50
12)little safari extras- ellie lash $ 3.00
13)alice in scrapland- cari created designs $ 7.25
14)the bird and the bees- krystal hartley $ 5.99
15)wild wild wild- created by kdk $ 3.00
16)oh rage- merepoule $ 3.90 (euros)
17)douceur de filles- mimiconcept $3.50 sale 2.38 (euros)
18)arabian nights- miss honey $ 5.00 (euros)
19)spaced out- digilicious designs/ crystals creations $ 5.00
20)spaced out add on- crystals creations/ digilicious designs $ 3.00

21)midnight resolutions- jayaprems hangout/ lbd designs $ 5.00
22)ocean splash- twin mom scraps $ 4.00
23)sail away- jewel scraps $ 3.00
24)forest friends- erica zane $ 6.50
25)press play- jenniffer barrette/ wild dandelion designs $ 5.59
26)press play addon - jenniffer barrette
27)super boy- pri rocha $ 3.50
28)make a wish- sahlin studios/valerie wibbons $ 7.99
29)tea for two-whimpychompers $ 6.00
30)chick magnet- armina designs/ connie prince $ 5.20

31)arabian adventures- brittish designs $ 5.50
32)arabian adventures addon- brittish designs
33)mysterious- designs by moo $ 5.50
34)my metal man- mistybelle $4.50
35)lets go racing boys- the okie toothfairy $3.50 sale
36)masculine edges- flutter expressions $3.49
37)a pirates life for me- flutter expressions $ 4.19
38)ocean world feltys- clever monkey graphics $ 4.00
39)zoo world feltys- clever monkey graphics $3.50
40)little dude- jennilyn designs $ 6.00

41)from man to boy- cv/ michelle batton designs $ 4.49
42)a slice of paradise- shanmomto4 $ 5.50
43)around the campfire- shanmomto4 $ 5.00
44)zoom zoom- shanmomto4 $ 5.50
45)light up my day- shanmomto4 $ 5.50
46)lazy summer days- shanmomto4 $ 5.00
47)lets ride- michelle batton $ 5.99
48)lets ride datometer- michelle batton $1.99
49)victorian elegance- siamese studios $ 5.50
50)minnie mouse cluster frame- m2 designs

51)deer and darling- everyday mom
52)rawwr- sweet digi scraps sale 1.00
53)2 thumbs up- late night scraps $6.00
54)water fun-craft-tastrophic
55)urban chic- creations by racheal $6.00
56)drizzle drops- bella gypsy $4.00 sale $3.00
57)honey bee mine- bella gyspsy $4.00 sale $3.00
58)rockers world- unleashed scraps $4.49
59)cosmic pop- melissa bennett $ 6.99
60)tea for two- dani morgstad $ 6.99

61)treasured- heather roselli $ 6.99
62)my lucky star- jayaprems hangout $ 5.00
63)sea breeze- unleashed scraps clearance $2.00
64)flitterific- kellybell $5.50
65)flitterific word art- kellybell $3.50
66)pixie dust dates- kellybell $3.00
67)flitterific wordart addon- kellybell $2.00
68)flitterific freebie- kellybell
69)flitterific freebie- kellybell
70)flitterific freebie- kellybell

71)pirate booty- jamie dell
72)ever ever after- jamie dell
73)blue and white delight- jacquis scraps $ 4.00 sale $3.20
74)lights camera action- mel hains $4.00 sale $3.00
75)beach hut- scrap that idea collab $4.00
76)bollywood- scrap that idea collab $4.00
77)alice- mel hains designs $4.00
78)alice addon -mel hains designs $1.00
79)alice wort art add on - mel hains designs $1.00
80)circle of life- scrap that idea $1.00

81)fairies and mushrooms- mel hains designs $4.00
82)fairies and mushrooms mini kit- mel hains designs $1.00
83)h is for happy hoedown- staceys scraps $ 3.00
84)hawaiin luau- staceys scraps $1.00
85)if the shoe fits- scrap that idea $2.00
86)in the jungle- sweet blossoms designs $1.00
87)jungle boogie- mel hains designs $4.00
88)mr. roboto- staceys scraps $2.00
89)my pet monster (marty monster)- staceys scraps $1.00
90)my pet monster (missy monster)- staceys scraps) $1.00

91)pirate treasure- sweet blossoms $3.00
92)punk princess- designs by vicki $4.00
93)space- sweet blossom designs $2.00
94)space race- mel hains designs $4.00
95)superstar- sweet blossom designs $3.00
96)spaced out- dylabel $5.00 sale $3.75
97)a-z zoo buddies stickers- miss tina $3.99
98)bear gone fishing- dream big designs $4.00 sale $2.00
99)dino dude- rk designs $5.99 sale $3.00

100)blogtrain in wonderland- scrap n designs blog train

101)beloved memory blog train- gothic inspirations headquarters- this a lost loved one but the black , red and white color scheme is great for mickey

PHEWWWW! okay thats a loooooong list. I realize that I may have added duplicates. I know the rocker world has 2 on here, but after i worte it out I didn't want to have to go back and delete. Also Im not sure if I have ever repeated. If I did i apologize but I just keep a list when I come across a kit that looks Disney -ish. Rememeber you can get to the kits by clicking the highlighted names. and my lil "freebee" was made from friendz of the woods by dede smith.Hope you all enjoy!
now Im off to finish some chores, work on my sons costume for the renaissance fair, then go sit and watch my daughter practice... a mothers job is never done!
have a magical day!
Believing is only the beginning...

quote of the day: The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. -Mulan