Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's almost NSD!!! & some disney-ish kits 4 ya'll

Hey guys! Well i spent most of my morning looking through disney-ish type kits. for some reason that seems to be what I get most
I had to take a break for a little to take my stepson to the doctors. When he gets bites..mosquitos chiggers, ticks.. he scratches them until they get to be bad. so i got a call from the nurse today saying we had to pick him up, apparently there is a new school policy that says that if it is weeping it has to be checked by the we got him an appointment .And of course the doctor says its bites he has scratched and gave me some topical antibotic for it. So he's in his room playing and im going to try top post

Okay i found alot of goodies today.. are ya ready?
are ya sure?
okay here they (i've gotta have some fun somewhere)

1st kit is called something fishy by lindsey riches you can find it here for $5.00#2 this kit is called magical vacation by amanda helmann, Another person on the disboards shared it, but I thought it was great! you can find it here for $6.00.
#3. Here's a kit for all you woody fans.. or for Frontierland at disneyworld/land wild wild west by krystal hartley. you can get it here for $6.99.#quotro This kit is an alice in wonderland kit (my oldest daughters fave), called wonderland by gina miller. you can find it here for $4.90.
#5 Her'es a kit for your pretty princess called... pretty princess kit by amanda rockwell (lol). you can find here on sale for $4.20.

#6. these embellies are too cute, there called ribbon people princesses by racheal young, and there for sale here for 2.80.
#7. this is an add on for the outher ones ribbon people princesses2 by racheal young .. these are and there on sale for $1.85 here .

these next ones can all be found at

#8. here's one with an asian flair for all those world showcase pages. this is called xing fu (happiness) by shien designs and can be found here for $6.88.
#9. Ooohh a pirate one.. gotta love those pirates yummy! anyways this kit is called tall ships by dielle and can be found here for $6.00.

#10.. are ya still with me???? lol okay this kits is for all you girly astronauts out there.. futureworld, mission space, buzz...ect . It's called space case by little mrs liz and can be found here for $4.50.

#11. VROOM-VROOM rev it up by sherri tierney can be used for your cars pages or for your tommorrow speedway ones too. You can find it here for $2.50.

#12. Any hannah Montanna fans out there??? My 11 year old loves her.. and subsequently is doing her 7 things i hate about you song for the talent show at scholl. (But I Must think about scrapbooking lol.) Heres a kit for you fans pop princess by angela sharrow. You can go fetch it here for $5.99
#13... Ah lucky number 13... planet polka dot by dale ann cubbage another one for your spacey pages. This one can be found here for $4.99

#14 Blast off! heres another spacey kit for you out of this world kit by karen lewis. you can grab it here for $6.50 .
#15- yep you guessed it another space kit. Iv'e been finding alot of these spacey kits this one is out of this world by maria lefrance for $6.50 found here.
#16. For $6.50 you can grab this kit majestic wonder by karen lewis for your princesses pages. Just follow the link here.
#17- kathi's fairytale mega kit by verena karolyi is packed with stuff for $7.99 . you can go grab it here.
#18 & 19- jurassic art full kit by angela sharrow & jurassic bones and tracks pack by angela sharrow would be perfect for those Dino pages from animal kingdom, these 2 kits can be found here & here for $6.49 & $3.19.

#20- I saw this and thought it would be cute for those mickeys not so scary halloween pages. The kit is called got candy? by angela sharrow you can find it here for $4.50.

#21- fairy dreams by karen lewis is a really cute kit you can find it here for $6.50

#22. got any of those it's tough to be a bug pix that need scrapping, well buggy by maria lefrance is a great one for that and can be found here for $ 6.00

#23- i thought that this kit looked mickey/ minnie -ish. it's called bohemiem college by retrodiva and can be found here for $ 6.99

#24- Phewww just a few . art from the heart by sherri tierney is another mickey/minnie-ish kit for ya. It can be found here for $ 5.00

#25- MMMM more pirates.. did I mention I love pirates?? arr mateys by maria lefrance, look for it here for $ 6.00

#26- here's a bright princess kit for your lil princess. princess gigi by danielle engebretson can be found here for $3.00.

#27- okay technically this isn't disney-ish , it's fairy tale-ish but i thought it was adorable once upon a mattress by danielle engebretson can be found here for $ 3.25.

#28 & 29- friends of the sea by danielle engebretson & friends of the sea2 by danielle engebretson, would be great for lil mermaid, nemo, living seas, ect pages. you can fidn them here & here for $4.00 & $3.75.

#30- LAST ONE!!!! we made it throughg, but look I've been doing all the hard work for ya .all ya had to do was read lol. this kist is a freebie, but it is only tagger size. it would be perfect for a little girls tommorrowland speedway page. You can find it here for... FREE! lol

Wow posting these takes almosat as long as finding em. But were done and my outher 2 munchkins will be home soon. then it's off to Literacy night at their school. Free pizza, dessert, and a book! their excited. Even my 7th grader wants to go.. but that could just be for the free pizza lol.
Hope you guys have a great night!
(believing is just the beginning...)

Monday, April 27, 2009


I think today i'm gonna work on some scrapbooking. I just got done doing my A-Z disney ride book, but I still need to get it printed. I did my last one at They have quite a few free pictures for new customers.
I love the Disboards! I just had to say that. I can always get my disney fix from that site. And they have wonderful people on their too. If you love disney scrapbooking they have a whole forum for just that.... disboards scrapping here.

Sometimes I will post some disney kits on here that i find... today I saw the cutest little felt dresses for minnie, tink, and alice for $3.00. I need to get paid!
Aren't they cute! you can find them here.

Another person I love is Saxon Holt. she has several disney-ish kits in her shoppe at scrapbook-elements. This is one of my favorites... but then i looove woody!
Her kits can be found here.

One for today. just miss Kim has an AWESOME blog! she makes a kit every month for FREE.. yep that's right for free. and they are truly awesome. Plus I love reading her blog .lol
you can find her blog here.

I think later today I might post some of my layouts and see what ya'll think.
Take care Ya'll !
(Believing is just the beginning...)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

making a blog...

It has taken me all day to figure out how to customize this blog.Lol. But I really like the end results.
I decided I better start writing on here since I started a blog and never wrote in it. I have a long list of blogs i frequent for digital scrapbooking, and i really have enjoyed reading them. I have found myself going to them for the scrapbooking but staying to read all the stuff on them. It seems to me to be a pretty good outlet to get things out. and even if no one reads it... you still have gotten it
Today has been a pretty bad day for me. My husband and I have 5 kids together. I have 4 and he has one. Mine are all older... 16,15,13, & 11. his is 4 almost 5. We have been together now for a little over 2 years.
Recently my 2 older kids who have been having alot of problems at home were sent to their dads to see if that could help them. I will get into that another day since it still hurts a little to talk about it. Its hard to be a mom for 16 years and then be the one that gets the phone calls once a week if your lucky to see how your kids are. Real hard!
So we have 3 of the kids living with us. My kids have split up all the chores and have been being pretty good sports about all of this. but my stepson rarely does anything. He is capable and does things when his dad isnt here, like helps me clean the fingerprints from the door frames, or takes his dirty clothes in to the hamper, takes his plate to the sink, and even cleans his spot after dinner. but when his father is around he goes into complete baby mode. Now I have had 4 kids , so I know kids will be kids. But it is hard to try to reinforce rules to the outher two when "D" gets away with everything.
Today was a REALLY bad day!!!!
Since i have known My husband and d . "D" has been rough we will say. He has given me black eyes on several occasions, has given my 13 year old son scars from biting him. Throws the worst temper tantrums I have ever seen, and tells people he is going to kill him.
This year we started him in pre-K I thought maybe if he was around kids his own age and had a structure of school it would prepare him for Kindergarten....Nope. We have gotten so many notes home from him that it is really sad. 3weeks ago i started taking him to school. it is an hour trip there and back ( driving there, sitting in the line , signing him in, and driving home) i do this twice a day becuase D has to have a bus buddy. But 3 weeks ago he bit my 13 year old son so hard that he still has a mark and it has been 3 weeks. His dad told him he needed to learn patience and didnt let him play his video games....( that is a whole nother story but yes the 4 year old has his own tv vcr and playstation 2)...anyways.
since i am having to pick him up and drop him off, I am having to talk to his teachers. He has been in trouble everyday except for one the last 2 weeks. He is hitting other kids, he is direspectful to the teacher, throws fits, tells them he is going to kill them ( to be exact shoot them in the face and slit their throats), wont do what he is told. not normal little 4 year olds do.
So here is where my bad day comes from. yesterday we had my 11 yr old daughters award assembly, so we picked D up again. He had a bad day again and she gavemy hubby the note. he just looked at it, and wouldnt talk to her. he told D that he couldnt watch his tv or play his games and had to play in his room for the rest of the night ( this has been his punishment the no tv or videogames for 2 weeks- however he can watch tv in the living room and hubby has even allowed him to play video games with my son) so 2 nights he has played in his room. this morning he lets him come watch tv in the living room, he was even asking if he could play with R's video games with him except R told him no, and let him go play outside.
Hubby went outside to get some stuff doen in the yard sicne it has not been raingin the last couple of days. I hurt my ankle so i was watching tv. Hubby comes in and tells me that he is leaving to go do some work for a friend and tells D he can play outside. So i have to go outside to watch him play and hubby thought I shouldnt get mad about it. It started a fight or a war... and hubby told me he wasnt going to make him stay in his room all weekend, and I had to quit my attitude or get out of his house.
Well there was more to it thatn that but thats the gist of it.
I honestly dont know what he can do to get D to stop doing what he is doing but I do know that it is going to get him in serious trouble next year when he is in real school. Hubby wants to get mad at me for this but i am truly afraid d is going to get in big trouble and take us with him, when he can stop the behavior now.
Does anyone have any ideas on what to do. Even the teachers have no clue what to do. in one of the letters to D's dad they asked him to please not let him play his games or tv for a month, and to please work on it with them. they he would be good for the one day to get his tv back and then go right back to being bad the next day after he gets it...
okay I am done griping. I honestly do care very much for D and I really want whats best for him and see him grow up big and become a good man. I just know that right now it is really causing alot of trouble.
On the bright side it is warm today here in arkansas, not to warm, and NOT raining!!! lol
Well til another day.
thanks for listening