Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a new list...finally!

I know, I know. I am extremely late, all I can say is ...summer! lol . We went to the drive in the other day and saw Toy story 3 and Prince of Persia. Im just going to admit it now.. I cried.. Yep. I won's say why for those of you that havent seen it yet. It was good. I wish we could have seen it in 3D but it was still good.
Prince of Persia was a great movie, lots of action. But for anyone who has played ...(or watched their sons play...lol) the game. It was NOT like the game. But we enjoyed it. the only thing I hate about going to the drive in... the long drive back home after 1 in the morning... wow im getting old.lol
okay now onto your list... Its a loooooonnnnngggg one. Just cuz I havent posted anything doesn't mean I have been neglecting my searches lol. Onward & upward.....

1)landens clubhouse qp- sugarpie scraps
2)landens clubhouse- sugarpie scraps $2.50
3)last rose petal- digital blueprint
4)belle of the ball freebie#3- kellybell
5)mermaid sue- faith true $4.79
6)refreshed- amy stoffel $4.79
7)surfs up- amy stoffel $4.79
8)cinderella action- mariana barros $5
9)snow white action- mariana barros $5
10)weekend in paris- tinks trinkets $3.25 sale $2.28

11)we are the dinosaurs- nj moms scraps $4 sale $2.80
12)love in paris- dac $4.80 (euros)
13)adventure- julie.it.is $7 sale $4.50
14)la la land- the design girl $2
15)mad scientist : the sequel- suzy Q $6.99 (
16)a day at the beach- wmsquared $6
17)whale of a good time- connie prince $3.29
18)dragons- chelles creations $5.60
19)youve got a friend in me- natalies place $6
20)youve got a friend in me add on w/purchase- natalies place

21)youve got a friend in me freebie- natalies place
22)youve got a friend in me freebie 2- natalies place
23)in the swim of things- jen yurko $6 sale $4.80
24)meet me in the meadow- mandabean $5.59
25)sunbleached- misty cato $4.49
26)tropical hideaway- kristin cronin barow $5.59
27)beach kids: underwater- liella designs $5.59
28)rainforest reverly- misty cato $4.19
29)summer pond- heather roselli $4.54
30)bumble bee mine- madabean/ lauren grier $5.24

31)cinemania- mandabean/ lauren grier $5.59
32)east meets west- traci reed $4.89
33)globetrotting- mandabean/ heather roselli $5.59
34)hawaiin sunset- zoe pern $4.89
35)here fishy fishy- melissa bennett $4.19
36)his boy elroy- shawna clingerman/ libby weifenback $5.59
37)jolly folly- fee jardine $4.89
38)lil monster- fee jardine $4.89
39)lil buggy- kristin cronin barrow/ traci reed $5.59
40)little joys- zoe pern $4.89

41)my prince to the rescue- lauren grier/ shawna clingerman $4.89
42)my way or the highway- lauren grier/ shawna clingerman $4.89
43)over the edge- lauren grier/ eva kipler $5.24
44)punk rock prince- heather roselli $4.54
45)punk rock princess- heather roselli $4.54
46)racer X- scrapkitchen/ misty cato $5.24
47)rockalicious- melissa bennet $4.19
48)scary moon- lauren grier $4.19
49)safari- meliisa bennett $4.19
50)speed demon- heather roselli $4.54

51)splendor- fee jardine $4.89
52)spooked- zoe pern $4.89
53)surfs up- zoe pern $4.89
54)tiki tiki boom boom- heather roselli/ amanda heimann $4.89
55)under the sea- krystal hartley/ scrapkitchen designs $5.59
56)wild wild west- krystal hartley/ pamela donis $4.89
57)you rock- zoe pern $4.89
58)tropical paradise- wmsquared $6
59)princess tiana- elle de mai
60)princess dreams- dreams fullfilled (there are 2 parts)

61)fairy tale ending- kelley mickus $5.75
62)templates- m2 digital design
63)goofy mini kit- m2 digital designs
64)cute alice- dani salees $4 sale $2.80
65)little cinders- designs by moo $5.50 sale $3.30
66)under the sea - designs in digital $5.29 sale $3.70
67)welcome to wonderland- dani salles $5 sale $3.50
68)your planet or mine- 4shades of blue design $4
69)drivin- 4shades of blue design $4
70)happiest grab bag on earth- dandelion/ tracey howard $7

71)movie night - design girl $2.50
72)sea sand and sun- scrap matters design team $7.50
73)vintage alice in wonderland- robins printables $4.59
74)enchanted: bippity boppity- traci reed $6.99
75)Alice au Pays des merveilles - Bee $4.50 (euros)
76)bring on the music collab grab bag- sunshine studios $5
77)rabbit love- the espresso scrap shoppe
78)mission mercury- rebecca B $4 sale $1
79)bugs for brekky- rebecca B $4 sale $1
80)aventure mejicana- rucola designs $4.50

81)the happiest place (kit was in the happiest grab bag)- wild dandelion $3.99
82)magical vacation (kit was in the happiest grab bag)- tracey howard $3.99
83)under the sun- ju kneipp designs $9,51R (have no clue lol)
84)island cruising- ellie lash/graham like the cracker $7
85)hes electric- the design girl $5.50
86)shes electric- the design girl $5.50
87)tropical sunshine- siamese studios/ L drag design $4.80
88)summer girls- jennifer barrette $4.79
89)the wilderness- miss kim $5.49
90)road trip supersized- miss kim $6.49

91)carnival thrills- julie billingsley $6.99
92)castles in the sand- heather roselli $6.99
93)fish tales- melissa bennett $6.99
94)just like dad collab- sarah bennett/connie prince $5.00
95)exit #3- stolen moments/ girl boy girl designs $7.50
96)exit #3 addon
97)if you give a girl a castle- erika zane $6.50
98)if you give a girl a castle addon- erika zane
99)on the trail- chelle's creations $5.60
100)on the trail wordart- chelles creations $3

101)on the trail addon- chelles creations
102)sweet- brittish designs $4
103)bouncy- brittish designs $4
104)friendly- brittish designs $4
105)gloomy- britttish designs $4
106)friendly add on- brittish designs
107)share the magic- pixel gypsy $6
108)il etait une fois- bee $1.95 euros
109)i love that mouse frame- scrappy dappy doo
110)pocahontas wordart- scrappy dappy doo

111)i love that mouse- kellybell $5.50
112)i love that mouse addon - kellybell
113)i love that mouse addon2- kellybell
114)i love that mouse addon3- kellybell
115)i love that mouse stacked papers- scrappy dappy doo
116)i love that mouse template- scrappy dappy doo
117)give me liberty- natalies little corner of the world $6
118)give me liberty add on free with purchase
119)give me liberty freebie
120)konichiwa kit- natalies little corner of the world $5

121)konichiwa addon free with purchase
122)konichiwa freebie
123)once upon a fairytale- glitzy bitz
124)fairytale wordart- m2 digital design
125)a touch of teal- natalies little corner of the world $5.50
126)a touch of teal addon free with purchase
127)a touch of teal addon
128)what john saw- melissa daniels $4.99
129)disney qp- lots of them
130)dusty trails- dreams fulfilled

131)roundup bundle- studio flergs $ 12 sale
132)take me away- dani morgstad $6.39
133)monster mash- zoe pern $5.59
134)home of the brave- julie billinglsey $5.59
135)dinosaur safari- misty cato $4.79
136)fairest in the land- kellybell $5.50
137)fairest in the land wordart - kellybell $2.50
138)fairest in land qp- kellybell
139)fairest in land freebie- kellybell
140)fairest of land stittch- mj aj designs

141)fairest in land stacked papers- scrappy dappy doo
142)fairest in land wish wordart- m2 digital designs
143)junior the boy kit- karen lewis desinz/ graham like the cracker $4.20
144)turtletastic- jamie odell $1.88
145)talking turtle with crush- jamie o dell
146)going nuatical my life and scraps june 2010 designers collab $5
147)wild ones- miss mis designs $2
148)boogie bash- jamie odell $1.88
149)bears gone fishin- dream big designs $4
150)jolly holiday kit- natalies little vorner of the world $5

151)jolly holiday free with pruchase- natalies little corner of the world
152)jolly holiday freebie- natalies little corner of the world
153)soldier on- scrappybug
154)toy room- scrappybug
155)briar patch freebie- natalies little corner of the world
156)monsters in my closet- lauries scraps $4.64 sale $3.71
157)uptown girl- kristi W designs $5.50 sale $2.75
158)template no37- fa maura $7 sale $3.50
159)where the wild things are- kristi W designs $2 sale $1
160)three ring circus- ziggle designs $5.20

161)jungle babies- anna bv designs $4.40
162)movie theater digital stamp- suzie Q $3.19
163)my cup of tea- simply scraps/ wild dandelion $4.79
164)now playing- suzy Q/ lyndsay riches $5.19
165)tinseltown- natalies little corner of the world $6
166)tinseltown freebie with purchase- natalies little corner
167)tinseltown freebie- natalies little corner of the world
168)tinseltown freebie- lisa campbell
169)tinseltown freebie- mjaj designs
170)speedsters- holley w $5.50

171)speedsters freebie- holley w
172)alissas royal adventure- alissa jones $5.99
173)alissas sea party - alissa jones $6.50
174)enchated paper pals- saxon holt designs $2.50
175)racing-scraps and the city
176)tiana- cassandra
177)her royal higness- scraps by twinky
178)lets go again- digi designs by nicole $3.99 sale $2.79
179)lets go again freebie- digi designs by nicole
180)speedy does it- southern creek designs $4.49 sale$2

Okay OMG!!!! i am finally done. I did not realize there was that many... NOTE TO SELF... Do not wait to post anymore...lol... okay well that will give you guys some stuff to do!

believing is only the beginning...

quote of the day:
Carl Fredricksen: Hey, let's play a game. It's called "see who can be quiet the longest."
Russell: Cool! My mom loves that game!