Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday disney ish type digital kits day!

I know I know... I am extremely late... (like 3 weeks). BUT I promise to make it up to you guys. Caution this list is going to be long!
Things have started to turn around a little at our house. I am still having problems with my oldest boy, for some reason he just wants to argue with EVERYTHING! The end of the school is upon us and soon summer will be here....NOOOOOOOO. jk. We have soo many things to do at the end of the year. My daughter has a play on thursday. She is in choir, and loves it! they are doing a musical with a bunch of different little bits in it. My son riley graduates 8th grade next friday. My daughter made the dance team for next year! She is really excited about that. And the boys have decided to go out for football..... anyways lots to do right now.

Mousescrappers is doing a template challenge 5/15-5/28 Britt is hosting it. If you like disney kits and such this template is a great one.
Rules of the Challenge:

1. Use this template to scrap any Disney related photos! Flip it, alter it, rotate it if you wish. Make it your own.

2. Come back to this thread and post your LO.

3. Make sure to list your credits either here in this thread, or leave a link to where we can see the credits. The easiest way to do this is to upload the MouseScrappers Gallery, include your credits there and then link back to your LO's URL.

4. Post your LO in the coordinating MouseScrappers venue/attraction thread. For example, if your LO is from Disneyland Teacups, you'd go to Disneyland > Fantasyland > Mad Tea Party Layouts and post it there. Make sense??

Mousescrappers is also having their 2nd speed scrap. It is being hosted by kellybell on Monday may 24

she has an AWESOME participation prize...

Now onto the LIST!
1)skyla fairy princess- jk creations $2.80 no pic server down
2)skyla freebie- jk creations
3)happy monstrers- scraps by andrea $3.99
4)happy monster freebie- scraps by andrea
5)happy monster cluster freebie- giggly polkadots
6)happy monster QP- scrappingirl's scraps
7)hapy monster qp- shauna's world
8)alice in wonderland- americo $3.97
9)robot template- digital scrap cafe
10)fairytale dreams- collab (piggy scraps designs/ booland designs) $5.99 sale $4.49

11)preppy princess- twin mom scraps $4.00
12)i do believe in fairies- traci reed $6.99
13)china in your hand elements- berna datema dutch designs $3.75
14)china in your hands papers vol 1- studio berna $ 3
15)china in your hands papers vol.2- studio berna $3
16)derby- gg digital designs $5.60
17)waterpark- sahlin studios/ jacque larsen $7.99
18)sweet as sugar- melissa bennett/ stolen moments $7.00
19)hot off the press- aprilisa designs $3.50
20)japanese cherry blossoms- snips and snails designs $4.50 no pic divine digitals is down

21)kiss the girl- kellybell $5.50
22)kiss the girl word art- kellybell $3
23)kiss the girl freebie- kellybell
24)charming- teresa's treasures
25)tropical paradise- teresa's treasures
26)rock of ages- teresa's treasures
27)punk princess- teresa's treasures
28)american made- teresa's treasures
29)robot games- tootlebugz $5.99 sale $3
30)splash- snakpackgu $4.50 sale $1

31)japan- efie
32)bumble bee buzz- mtr designs
33)bumble bee buzz qp- mtr designs
34)holiday and animals- kittens scrapbooking
35)flitterific qp- kellybell
36)kiss the girl freebie #2- kellybell
37)kiss the girl freebie- kellybell/emma
38)kiss the girl freebie#3- kellybell
39)ever ever after addon- jamie o'dell
40)boys will be boys -jamie o'dell ? don't know price & scrapbird is down

41)boys will be boys add on- jamie o'dell
42)cinco de mayo- hot flash designs $5 sale $4
43)mikayla- designs by tishia $4 sale $2
44)daisy dayze- designs by tishia $4 sale $2
45)zoo wordart- word art world
46)welcome to paradise- studio flerg $7.99
47)psycho magnet- studio flerg $ 7
48)the mouse journaler- melissa daniels
49)extinct- collab (mickeyB/ wm squared) $7
50)aloha- a-liya

51)tale as old as time- pixel perfect designs $10 sale $5
52)tale as old as time freebie- pixel perfect designs
53)too wild- collab ( digi scrapbook mania/ damsel designs) $4.95
54)bippity boppity boo- dragonfly beach designs $4 sale $1.50
55)fairest one of all qp- lauries scraps
56)fairest one of all - lauries scraps $4.64 sale $2.78
57)alice- droopette designs $3.90
58)too bee or not to be- droopette designs $ 3.90
59)abundance of asia- collab ( amanda sexton/ studio tangie) $9.95 sale $6.67
60)bumble blooms- julie billingsley $4.54

61)enchanted kiss bundle- traci reed $6.49
62)in a land of fantasy- mandabean $4.54
63)whimsy- melissa bennett/ amanda rockwell $5.20
64)wizard school- traci reed/ meghan mullens $5.19(this is harry potter but still cute)
65)blue lagoon- laetiscrap designs $1.50 (euros)
66)asian life- laetiscraps designs $1.50 (euros)
67)space fun bundle- lorrie m $5.40
68)fairy flight- victoria feemster designs/ faith true $6.99
69)nsd grb bag- melissa daniel $3.00
70)super stuntman qp- melissa daniel

71)stuntman cluster frame- dawn
72)insd grab bag- neverland scraps- $5.00
73)character frames- neverland scraps
74)bee happy- wild dandelions designs $1
75)bee enchanted- charlize creations $4.99
76)monsters- ellie lash $6
77)water fun- craft-tastrophic $5.99
78)its a bug's life mega kit- groovy scraps collab $6 sale $3
79)sea adventures- unleashed scraps $4.49
80)christopher- farrahs designer scraps $3.99 sale $2.39

81)groovy- creations by racheal $6
82)giggle monsters- suzyQ $5.59
83)little fish- bobbie smith $3.32
84)shiver me timbers- designs by jen balding $5
85)hang ten mini- designs by jen baldin $3.25
86)lifes a stage- designs by coles corner $5.99
87)passport required- creations by rachael $5
88)road trip- creations by rachael $5
89)bon apetite- suzy Q/britt-ish designs $7
90)mischief makers- connie prince/graham like the cracker $7 sale $5.25

91)anything is possible- lauren grier $5.99
92)hot diggity dog- melissa bennett/ kristin cronin barrow $7.99
93)kitchy kamera- lauren reid/ valorie wibbens $7.99
94)love blooms- melissa bennettt $6.99
95)jam session- stash happy $5
96)the pirate sammy dane- miss kim $5.49
97)felt toys- helena montiero designs $7 sale $4.20
98)halloween- keka designs $7
99)pa-tro-pi -janelee maura/rekneipp designs $7.50 sale$1
100)this is bliss- lawteeda

101)deep sea- carola mondini $5.50 sale $1
102)sea scape- linda cumberland $8 sale $5.20
103)fantasy kids- keka designs $5
104)animal colors- keka designs $5
105)tomorrow- ariane rezende $3.99
106)bright sunshine- mahzinha designs $4
107)beach and sun- keka designs $5
108)space cadet- bella gypsy $4.12
109)boys are from mars- bella gypsy $4.12
110)boys are from mars freebie- bella gypsy

111)poolside- angie kovacs/ jessica edwards $3.74
112)galactic blast- lucky smith designs $4
113)loopty loo- connie prince $2.99
114)fairies in the garden revamped- charlize creations $3.74
115)love without end- connie prince $2.99
116)belle of the ball- kellybell $5.50
117)belle of the ball wordart- kellybell $3.50
118)bell of the ball freebie1 - kellybell
119)belle of the ball freebie2- kellybell
120)colors of tiana- natalies place designs $2.50

121)colors of tiana freebie- natlies place designs
122)briar patch- natalies place designs $5.50
123)briar patch freebie- natalies place
124)briar patch freebie2 - natlaies place designs
125)magic of magenta QP- natalies place designs $1.25
126)magic of magenta freebie- natalies place designs
127)magic of magenta- natalies place designs $5.50
128)magic of magenta freebie with purchase of kit- natalies place designs
129)magic of magenta freebie- natalies place designs
130)the mouse collection word art- scrapbooks gone digital

131)its a journey - scrap orchard collab
132)rumble in the jungle qp- whats all the scrap about
133)rumble in the jungle- whats all the scrap about $4.50
134)on the road again- digital design den $5.49
135)on the road again QP- digital design den
136)a dream is a wish- lauries scraps $ 3.99
137)a dream is a wish freebie- lauries scraps
138)princess scatters- lauries scraps
139)true loves kiss- neverland scraps $4.99
140)welcome to china- chili designz $3.50

141)bits of wonderland- $7

142)these next ones are from a grieving mommy

WOOHOO! Done! that took me 5 hrs. I really need to keep caught up lol. As of the time I am publishing this the new layout challenge at mousescrappers has not been posted. So keep an eye out for it!
The little "freebee" is from Dede smith friendz of the woods kit. and remember you can click to enlarge pics, and click on highlighted names to go to the site to buy or download....

believing is only the beginning...

quote of the day: Ray: [singing Ma Belle Evangeline] J'adore.
Prince Naveen: [to Tiana] I adore you.
Ray: Je t'aime.
Prince Naveen: I love you...
[Tiana gives him a weird look]
Prince Naveen: Just translating!
~ princess and the frog