Friday, December 18, 2009

disney ish digital kits!

Okay I know I havent done this in a looonnggg time. So I figured I would post some disney ish type digital scrapbook kits for ya all. Ya know I love digital scrapbooking, but for some reason lately im usually just scrapping my disney stuff... i need to remedy that lol.
I have even strted drawing disney ish type elements and playing with them on photoshop. I even made some really cute felt princesses, that I drew first then cut out of felt and glued together... I think they are adorable in my own humble I will post pics of them soon.

so now onto some disney wonderfulness.... i miss disney at christmas time =(
#1 mary poppins- fa maura $4.50 on sale $1.99 HERE
#2 This one reminds me of pooh bear so I added it to the collection its called Bright sunshine by mahzhina designs for $4.00 HERE
#3 This kit is called lost in space by Janyelle Mayara for $5.00 HERE
#4.... I recently found this designer through a really neat forum I belong too... They have all sorts of Disney layouts, links to freebies, links to kits for sale, challenges every week, & they are a wonderful group of people.
This designer is Designs by kellybell her website is HERE. She has some really neat kits and adds to them frequently.... heres some of her stuff...

Well theres some eye candy for ya. Hope you enjoy!
Have a Magical Day!


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Thursday, December 10, 2009

the mom song & child rebuttal!

yes, im back but shhhh it's only for a second... i wanted to post this for all you parents out there!
enjoy =)

& here is the childs rebuttal to the moms song...

If you go to this site it has the lyrics to the childs rebuttal and also has some funny & informative stuff... Enjoy!

wow! It has been so long since I got on here.
Things here have been hectic. All the kids are back and we have been dealing with all the issues that come with that.
Do you ever hear that comment about stay at home moms... you know the one where we don't do anything but sit on our butt all day and eat bon bons while watching soaps???? Well I don't know who came up with that. but I would like them to take a look at my calendar with to do lists. lol.
When my kids were little there was sooo much to do. My kids are all 2 years apart, so there were many of times where I had 2 in diapers at the same time. things were choatic to say the least. When my youngest started kindergarten I thought, yes! now I will get some time for myself....haha.
Now my youngest is in middle school. 2 in middle school, and 2 in high school, and a 5 yr old stepson. Between doctor appointments, dentist appointment, eye doctor appointments, cheerleading practice, cheerleading games, bowling practice, bowling games, after school program, school assemblies, conferences... I am busy woman. then there is the grocery store run... do you realize how much a family of 7 eats???? I don't think my kids do. And then there is that rare day when I think "Oh yes, there is nothing going on today, I can sit around in my pjs and get some stuff done"... but no thats usually when i get the call from school..." can you come pick up _________ they are throwing
My husbands always says well you can come back after taking the kids to the bus and go back to sleep. I cannot do that , for the life of me, unless I come home and take an allergy pill... those always knock me out. For some reason once I get up, I just cannot for the life of me go back to sleep.
So since this a rant about being a stay at home mom, Id like to add this....
...Where do all the socks go? I mean seriously is there really a sock monster that eats them?
... why is it that I can pick up everybodys stuff in the living room in the am, and by the time I go to bed at night its all back. hard is it to throw trash in the trash container (yes that is why we call them trash containers, cuz they contain trash) instead of dropping it all around?
...Why the night before when I say " do you have anything for me to see or sign" there's nothing. But 5 seconds before we have to head out the door to go to the bus, miraculously 5 papers appear?
... why do teachers feel the need to send home a your child needs___ tomorrow, when i don't get the paper until 5 seconds before I head out the door to take them to the bus?
...Why do kids always have the uncanny knack of asking you something while you are the phone. yes my teenagers still do this... more so now since they think they can get away with it. And it is usually when your on an important call?
...why is it that everytime I go to my room to change or go to the bathroom, that is when the kids decide to have a wwf match in my living room, and think for some reason it is a magic wall and i cannot hear them?
...And my last one for today... why is it the kids will do the dishes and put them away dirty... thinking I will not see them, cuz of course its a magic cabinet and it hides them. then get mad becuase they are told to reclean them.

Well today is a busy day.. and what am I doing right now??? I am drinking hot cocoa and writing this amazing ( well okay maybe not so amazing) blog... but it is very
I am making homemade gifts for the family this year.. I got 2 completely done.. only 12 more to go. I think they are really cute though and can't wait to give them out... ( shhh don't tell they are the cookie sheet calandars) I need to go work on them , but have you ever cut out cardstock with scissors... not fun.. ouch! I have to take my son to the doctor today to get his toenail surgically removed for the 3rd time.. we are hoping 3rd times a charm! My oldest son has a bowling tournament today so we are going to pop over there for a few to watch him, before heading back to pick up my youngest daughter from the after school program. and i am hoping that my almost 18 year old daughter finds my memory card she miraculously "lost" outta my cell phone. it has been over a week, but she is being stubborn. The card itself was expensive but I have things on the card that I cannot replace. note to self, never leave the phone around 17 yr old daughter.
Tomorrow is my youngest daughters 1st school dance. I am excited and scared at the same time. This marks such a big step in her life. Fortunately her brother is in the middle school too, and thus gets to go to said dance... she's not happy about that. For some reason even though they threaten certain death to each other at home, he has gotten very protective of her around boys... so brother will be my chaperon (insert evil laugh here)

okay I need to go get some stuff done.... until next time

ps. since they have messed around with the disboards, its getting harder to find the disney-ish type of digital kits. I have moved over to, and have been doing the challenges there. they do post kits every once in awhile but it isnt like the links at the disboards. If anyone finds any, shoot me a link and I will post them =)

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