Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oklahoma renaissance faire 2009

Well I promised I would come back and share with you the pics and about the Oklahoma renaissance Faire (okrf) in muskogee, ok. They hold it every year in the month of May. We usually try to go for mother's day, but this year it was pouring, so we went this last weekend on the 16th.
I guess it was pirate weekend but we had no idea there were themed weekends.
I made Kourtney and my dress back a year ago to go to the kansas city ren faire, which I heard was quite big, but we ended up not going. So Kourt was adamant about wearing the dresses this time. She of course just wants to be a princess and have people bow to her. She wouldnt even wear the beaded snood I made cuz she had to wear her
Anyways it was a little muddy(okay alot muddy... and I wore flip flops under my huge dress) But it didn't rain, and the temps were warm, not to hot , not to cold.
They have a really neat quest for kids to do, where the queen has lost her hair ribbons, and askes the kids to find them. Those that participate get to go at 4 and be knighted. Kourt started off doing this but didnt want to go ask about the ribbons, so we gave it up. Plus she decided she had to get a tuekey leg, and we spent a good portion of time looking for one. That thing was as big as her
We watched the joust, and looked in all the shops. They have such neat things there.
as we were going to see the mud men show- It is show where grown men play in the mud and tell a semi pg version of childrens stories, we have heard them do hansel and gretel and peter pan. it gets very muddy!-we passed by a nice lady that asked kourtney about her costume, and was asking me about how I made it. She told me that in 5 min. they were having a costume contest, and would love for kourt to particpate.... SHE WON!!! she was soo excited. they gave her 2 tickets to come back on the last day to compete in the grand finale costume contest, and let her go pick a tshirt for free. It took a little time so we had to run back to the mud man show.
They had just started but we didnt miss anything. Riley and kourtney went to sit up to videotape the show, and the guys gave riley alot of ribbing about sitting so close to them with mud.... We should have listened lol.
The guys introduced themselves and jumped off the stage ...into the mud. the first 2 guys.. not to bad, then comes this huge guy who tells everyone he is going to cannon ball. Everyone else including my daughter gets up and runs away.. not riley . he is such a trooper... he sits there still videotaping the show.. The man jumps off the stage and instead of cannonballing he kicks mud.. right at riley. Oh riley was mad. In the video you see riley cover and move the camera, then you can hear him say "go give this to mom" poor guy. He had mud every where. then the guys tell him.. we told you so. We wathced the show from way back behind lol. and then went in search of funnel cakes. Yum! i love funnel cakes. with strawberries. It was so good. I shared mine with hubby and kourt who was now mad we got funnel cakes "cuz noone told her we were getting them" after the search for the turkey leg... which by the way she is still holding onto cuz she can't finish it. I look over at riley and he is hoarding his funnel cake like someone is gonna steal it lol. We ended up sitting on the jousting bleachers since we couldnt find a seat. Hubby was so sweet he held it so I could eat it since we were on bleachers. He had powdered sugar all over him after words, but it was sweet!
Every other year we have gotten these really cool bottles that are filled with rootbeer, and you can bring em back and get refills for like $4, but this year they had a new place. Hubby bought us all one but Kourt and I didnt like em. They tasted like peppermint or something. It was homemade rootbeer. Hubby liked it though.
We went over to the kids section. Kourt got to talking to mother maggie. She is a storyteller there and also does face painting at the halloween feestival (which is another of my fave's!lol) so she told kourt that if she came back for halloween she would paint her face. They have a really cool treehouse in the childrens realm. kourt went in and told the guy she was running away. so the guy told her we could see her from down below she needed to get way up high. When she came back down. he told her she hadnt runaway for very long. and she just laughed.
We went back and watched the final joust, and decided to head out. On the way out we met bob the juggler he showed the kids a really cool top he put in their hands spinning. then kourt got to meet byron the bear.
Im so pleased on how our outfits looked. But let me just tell you they were heavy and kinda hot. as soon as we got out to the truck I changed into shorts. Since we were in muskogee and they have a little ceasars pizza, and we dont have one at all. We went to get pizza, and breadsticks. Yum! As we were sitting there eating we heard a loud bang. A big van going through the drive up window hit and bent the pillar holding up their awning.
Before leaving hubby stopped at hobby lobby for me. I absolutely love hobby lobby. It's my favorite store. One of the ladys that make costumes aty the faire gave me a tip on how to keep the eyelets from ripping out, the told me to sew string around edge and through the hold in the eyelet. Kourts had started to pull off, and she has to wear that costume for the contest on May 31st. So I got some more eyelets and thread... and drooled over some material. I decided that when I take kourt back Im going as a pirate. I have a costume i made but want to redo a shirt, as I saw some really cool one with slits up the arms so you can take that part off itf its too hot. so thats my project for this week.
I probably forgot a bunch of things. the people at the faire are so nice and the atmosphere is so fun. We love it!
Here's some pix for ya. Enjoy!

this is us in the castle on the kings throne.

Here's a few from the joust. I got a bunch but didnt want to bore ya guys.we were on the blue and white (good guys) side at the earlier one and when they finished the joust we eneded up being in the red and green (bad guys) section. Kourt still cheered for the blue and white knight. The wenches were the cheerleaders. lol

The kids with bob the juggler

Some of princess kourt practising her wave, trying on a hat, and "running away"

Funnel cake , turkey legs & rootbeer. riley ended up eating the turkey

Kourt in the costume contest, and with her certificate. they said they accidentally put on there 2008, but she doesnt care lol. kourt with byron the bear.

anne boleyn was our parking area. Riley with his mud.. and the mud men.

my love, me and my love, and the snood I made.

me and my princess.

take care guys
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Disney -ish kits monday!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We went to the Renaissance Faire, for mother's day, since last weekend it was miserable and rainy. But I'll come back and tell ya about that with pix tomorrow.
Now onto the kits... lol . As always the cute little "freebie" was made using Deedee designs bee from her friendz of the woods kit. I did the layout a lil different today the names of the kits are in sections of 9 and then the pictures follow in order. thought it might be easier to see em that way. Enjoy!
1) Marrakesh for your Moroccan layouts can be found here for $3.50 on sale, not sure normal price.
2)Rina's Moroccan nights add-on can be found here for $3.95
3)Rina's Moroccan nights kit can be found here for $6.95. she also has a couple other add on's just look in here shop.
4.)Make believe is a cute collab kit, there are 3 parts on 3 diferent blogs.. so go check them out here. Make sure to follow the links to the outher 2 sites to get all the peices of this....
5)Something fishy can be found here on sale for $2.00
6) Safari quest tagger size kit is a tagger kit but really cute. you can find it here for $1.00
7)Pirate invasion for your pirate layouts can be found here for $1.75
8) Celebrate you is a wonderful kit with lots of great colors. you can find it here for $6.50.
9)Fantasmogorical can be found here on sale for $2.50

10)JC themepark can be found here for $2.50
11)Pit stop can be found here on sale for $1.48
12)Showtime can be found here on sale for $1.75

These next ones are some of Miss kim's previous freebies, they were still up last I checked. they are really cute so don't miss em.
13)Road trip grab it here for ...
14)Hearts wish is here for....
15)Again again is here for..
16) My blue period grab it here for ...
16) Wet dog can be found here for ...
17)Bonus freebies for wet dog and my blue period can be found here for...
18) Truelife adventures an be found here for ...
19) labelmaker wordart can be found here for...

20) Asian flair can be found here for $6.50
21) Howdy cowboy can be found here for $6.99
22)Itty bitty robots can be found here for $6.99
23)Little treasures can be found here for $6.99
24)Monster munchers can be found here for $6.99
25)Moss scape can be found here for $6.99
26)Surfs up can be found here for $6.99
27)Tiki weekend can be found here for $6.99
28)Simple and classic no.7 can be found here for $7.99

29)Happy trails can be found here for $6.95
30 & 31) Enjoy the moment can be found here, for $6.95 and she has a ... to match on her blog here
32) Boy star is a ... and can be found here
33)Kit bee is another ... & can be found here

33 kits for you this week! Remember if I am missing some that you know about please feel free to let me know and I will post 'em. Have a great day!
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