Thursday, January 28, 2010

im late im late... for disney-ish type digital kits!

Sorry, I was supposed to have posted this yesterday but it turned into a busy day. I had to take my car an hour away so they could look at it for 4.3 minutes and tell me how much it cost to fix it. back in nov a jerk decided to go around me on the drivers side in a culdesac, with me having my blinker on...anyways it wasnt much damage and the police said it was a no fault accident my insurance would pay for mine, his would pay for his. Well a couple weeks ago I get a call from our insurance stating the man's insurance was trying to collect from mine. He said I was parked on the side of road and turned into him. So up an hour away I went yesterday morning with my sick son in tow.
We have a ice storm heading our way. Last year it was BAD! I had never been in one and thought bad can it be???? BAD!!!! We were out of power for 14 days. you cannot believe how bad you will miss a flushing toilet after 14 days of no power. We had to clear our road out before we could even get into town . There was ice around grass strands that were an inch thick around. It was amazing...But so yesterday I was gathering up all candles & flashlights.We have stacked wood up on our porch ( we just have one of those tiny decorative fireplaces... but its better than nothing. I went to the dollar store and got paper plates and plastic forks. Learned my lesson after last year too. we had to throw out a TON of groceries. So I bought sandwhich stuff, and top ramen. We have a gas bbq grill, so I figured I could boil water on it.
but on top of all the running around yesterday my son was sick so he had a dr. app. at 1:45 . He has a sinus infection. he got medicine from the doc 2 weeks ago and it went away but then came right back...poor kid. we went to walmart to get his medicine and after waiting 45 minutes for it. We were told that they only had one of his prescriptions on hand & Id have to come back up tomorrow to get the other one. So I finally got home around 4:20 just in time to get my daughter off the bus, and start making dinner....
So I am going to post this , then clean everything up , fill the bathtubs up with water, and then run back up to walmart to get the rest of rileys medicine... and im going to pray we don't loose power!

Now onto your list for this week... To get to the link just click the red highlighted name. And I want to thank dede smith.My "free Bee" is a bee from her kit- friendz from the woods.
1)tommorowland freebie- kellybell
2)tommorowland rides- kellybell $3.00
3)computer papers-i.k.h designs
4)computer papers-i.k.h designs
5)rock on template- macy goode
6)sweet as honey- designs by leah $2.00
7)surfing bird- dunia designs $1.00
8)let's go- collab (amanda r designs/ dunia designs) $4.00
9)boy story- pink reptile designs $5.00
10)calebs dinosaurs- lynne marie $5.00

11)imagine kit- lynne-marie $7.00
12)the great outdoors- ziggle $5.20
13)swann and sparrow- creations by racheal $2.50
14)the frog princess- lucky smith designs $3.75
15)around the town signs- double dutch designs $1.00
16)creative genuis- pure creativity/ lauries scraps (collab) $4.19
17)ahoey mateys- cathy c designs $4.50
18)he bot- bzb designs $3.00
19)she bot- bzb designs $3.00
20)pastel mickey balloons- kellybell $2.50

21)essential disney- kellybell $5.50
22)essential disney word art- kellybell $3.00
23)essential disney qp- kellybell
24)essential disney qp2- kellybell
25)wish upon a star- designs by lili $5.99
26)life aquatic- gina miller $6.00
27)happily ever after- collab (valorie wibbens/ jacque larsen) $7.99
28)show time- designs by jenny cereal
29)pirates landing- with a russian dutch heart
30)little pirate- chipiscrap

31)little pirate word art- chipiscrap
32)everlasting memories- digital art by adraina hollenbeck $3.99 sale $2.00
33)soft leaf- adraina hollenbeck $3.99 sale $2.00
34)funky blobs- adriana hollnebeck $3.99 sale $2.00
35)bug hunter- simply susan godfrey $5.00 sale $1.00
36)lil cowpoke- simply susan godfrey $3.50 sale $1.00
37)zoo 2 u- simply susan godfrey $5.00 sale $1.00
38)mr roary saurus- meredith cardall $4.49
39)norwegian lace- emma moon $6.00
40)safari so good- digital compilations by cinda $7.90 sale $5.95

41)ruffy saurus romp- rebecca b $2.50- $0.75 (euros) not sure how much in us currency
42)castle template- proud mommy of 3
43)sara princess- catia cunha $5.00 sale $1.99
44)enchanted kingdom- catia cunha $5.00 sale $1.99
45)tall ships- dielle $6.00 sale $3.00

Now these kits are a daily download from a very talented lady. You can get a peice a day, you just have to visit her blog everyday. she didnt have any previews so I made some up , and she graciously allowed me to post them. this month she is doing things a little different, usually every month it is one kit, but this month she is doing sampler kits from some she is "hopefully " going to be selling soon. For right now she still has the precious month downloads up, but im not sure how long she will keep them up.So without further ado... Mouse House Digi Scrapping!!!!!
Her first kit was in august/september 2009 - It all started with a mouse

October 2009- mickeys not so scary halloween

Novemeber 2009- pretty as a princess

December 2009- very merry christmas

January 2010 kit1- Main street

January 2010 kit 2- Fantasyland

January 2010 kit3- Jungle cruise

January 2010 kit4- adventureland- I dont have a preview for this one as it is still going.

Okay phew... there was alot of them! Im off to get some stuff done. Here's to hoping we don't loose power!
take care

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The Mock Turtle: Ten hours the first day, nine the next, and so on.
Alice: What a curious plan!
The Gryphon: That's the reason they're called lessons, because they lessen from day to day.
~ alice in wonderland