Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mr. Mouse & Co. , A new release from Magical Scraps Galore

A magical vacation would not be complete without meeting everyone's favorite Mouse! In classic Mickey colors, this polka dotty collection by Magical Scraps Galore, MR MOUSE & CO, will add magic and fun to all your Disney pages, and includes lots of awesome elements and patterns such as mouse ears and gloves, an autograph book, a dog bowl, a camera, bows and stars, among many other fabulous goodies. Perfect to scrap your magical encounters with Mickey, Minnie and Pluto, themed birthday parties, and all of your treasured memories in the happiest place on Earth!
Find the full collection at 58% off -or the individual page kit and four add-ons at 30% off  through Tuesday midnight at GingerScraps and The Digichick.
Some wonderful inspiration from the Creative Team:
Here s a beautiful cluster freebie created by CT member Karrie.
Visit Marina's blog HERE to download and enjoy!
  Happy Scrappin Ya'all!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Proud, A new release from Ponytails Designs

You’ve accomplished your goals and become who you were meant to be. Be proud!
Just click on preview to be taken to Ponytails blog for the freebie!
Happy Scrapin Ya'All!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Spring Dawn & Dreaming of Summer, new releases from Marie H Designs

Hello everyone. I am finally back after I moved this last week-end… and I didn’t go nuts. It was the first time in many years that I have moved and the first time ever with a baby. But it was all worth it.
I have a few products in store at Plain Digital Wrapper this week and they are all on sale.
First of all I have my kit Spring Dawn that was the Gold Kit at DST back in April. It is now in store and on sale at only $2. You can get it and a coordinating Cluster packs and Quickpages (also on sale) in my store HERE.

Take a look at a few layouts that have been created with Spring Dawn.

I have also a new kit Dreaming of Summer that is now at PDW. It is also on sale at only $2 for a limited time. You can find it HERE.

Take a look at what my team have created. It is stunning !!

My CT Karrie has this fun freebie on her blog created with Dreaming of Summer. You can find it   HERE or by clicking on preview…/d2x1g5…/

Happy Scrappin Ya'all!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Head in the clouds, A new release from Growing Pains Scrapped

Head in the Clouds is new from Growing Pains Scrapped and is on sale now as part of the Lovely Colors at With Love Studio. That means you can get the papers and elements for just $1 each! You can have the whole kit for just $2! That price will definitely make you feel like soaring in the sky for sure!
Pick up Head in the Clouds Elements and Papers on sale now!
You will get 60 fun elements with a fun blue, green and yellow theme. Elements include kids with kites, swings, balloons and hot air balloons, as well as buttons, flowers, ribbons, frames and more!

The paper pack includes 24 solid and fun patterned papers all with a yellow, blue and green color scheme!

Here are some RISING layouts made by the CT using Head in the Clouds:

CT member Karrie has put together a fun little freebie for everyone to enjoy.
You can pick it up here or click on preview!

Happy Scrappin Ya'All!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

I miss the old me

                    Today is my 2nd last day of radiation. I have one more day... until the tests then hopefully they will come back good. Im so tired of all this. It's tiring. I just want to feel normal again.
                   Last weekend my husband told me he was taking me to see wonder woman, didn't really give me a choice. I was so excited when I first learned of the movie but it came out & I just didn't really care to go see it.W went & it was a lovely night. We got snacks and watched the movie and the mummy... I liked the movie , I liked the company, but there was not that excitement that I usually feel... and I felt guilty about that.
He asked me what I wanted to do on Sunday, & I told him nothing I just wanted to sit there on the couch.. & I was perfectly fine just doing that.
                Monday he took me to the Tulsa Zoo. I love the zoo. I love the animals. I could sit & watch the monkeys for hours. & they have just opened a new part they have made.. the lost kingdom. I had to sit down after every exhibit. I used to never do that. Even when I was taking chemo I could walk around and never have to rest. Hell I could keep walking when everyone else was tired. And it made me feel horrible.
             On 4th of july my mom asked if we wanted to go over and have burger with her and my brother. We were gonna go watch the fireworks after in Siloam. I love watching fireworks they like christmas lights seem magical to me. My mom made burgers,  corn on the cob, potato salad, & beans. My hubby stopped and got hurts donuts for everyone. It was nice sitting and talking with them. But when the time came to go watch the fireworks I just didnt feel like going. It didnt bother me at all that we didnt go see them. We did however light a sparkler and take a picture. So that counts right?
              I won't lie though having 4 days off from having to drag myself out of bed every morning and go to radiation, then come home and sleep, was nice. Today I decided to do some laundry. We havent had a dryer for almost 2 months now. So we've been going to the laundry mat. My hero husband last night got us a dryer from his brother. Of course the first set we did our washer machine decided it was going to break so it wouldn't drain. We finally got that fixed.
              I got home and went back to bed til noon. So today I thought I would do my laundry & try to be productive . I got my husbands out and started a load. By the time I was done my back was screaming, from just that little bit of standing. So I just stood there bawling. I sat down on the couch and was using my phone to check out facebook and you could visibly see my hands shaking... So of course then I sat there bawling again. I don't know what is wrong today. Today is just a worse day than usual. Usually I feel like I'm drowning but I can usually just feel numb. Today  I just can't seem to stop crying. I don't know why. I don't know why Today just sucks. I have tried everything my therapist has said... positive thinking, making myself do things I don't want to do, breathing. taking all the pills they tell me to take. I just want to feel normal. I want to go back to my job, that I really like, and be able to talk to my friends and not feel guilty. I feel so guilty about everything and I know that I cannot control the situation and I'm doing everything to try to fix it that I can, but I just can't help it. I go see my therapist and cry. But I feel like I can with her. I don't feel guilty for not being so strong, and just being able to shake this off & suck it up, and go on like before.
           So I think I'm gonna take a clonopin & lay on the couch and binge watch reign... & hopefully try to finish my laundry. & hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Cancer sux ya'all!

Wave Patrol, a new release from Magical Scraps Galore

Surf's up dude! WAVE PATROL by Magical Scraps Galore is a bright and colorful summer collection inspired by the California beaches, combining all the surfing fun with awesome seaside elements.  Packed with tons of themed patterns and elements such as longboards, surfboards, wakeboards, water skis and paddles, this collection also includes general seaside ellies for you to use on any beach layout, such as a lifeguard tower, a palm tree, waves, seashells, a retro van, a lifesaver and beach signs, among many other awesome goodies.
Find the full collection at 58% off -or the individual page kit and four add-ons at 30% off  through Tuesday midnight in my shops at GingerScraps and The Digichick.
Some wonderful inspiration from the Creative Team:
Here s a beautiful cluster freebie created by CT member Janet.
Visit Marina's blog here to download and enjoy!
Stay tuned for Marina's new collection coming to stores later this month:
 Happy Scrappin Ya'All!