Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a new list!

hello all ... things have been hectic this week ( and a half). my kids have been doing a summer program at school... the boys have been doing weight training for football.. and this week my daughter has been doing dance camp, as she made the dance team! YEAH! So this year when I go to the football game, I will get to see both my sons play and my daughter dance at halftime. I am really proud of them all!
My mom is moving into a trailer on our land for a lil bit until she can get into the apartment ahe wants. We are all excited. it will be nice to have someone to talk to out here in the boonies.
On a side note my daughter who is 12, used to do paper scrapping. her father gave him his old laptop while she was visiting this year. And she has taken up digital scrapbooking (mwahahahaha)
We put some programs on her laptop and she has been playing. she is loving art rage!
Its 8:30 am here and they have not posted this weeks new challenge on mousescrappers. I may have to come back and add it later today.

okay enough chatter... here is your list lol


1) doodly zoo bundle- dawn inskip $6.40 (or can buy seperatetly)
2)defiant- dream big designs $2.00
3)practically perfect- sir scrap alot $4.19
4) tiki tiki shake- bella gypsy $4.50
5)pirate party - faith true designs $5.59
6)pirate party word art- fatith true designs $2.39
7)weather the storm- mandabean/ heather roselli $6.39
8)sailor boy- brittish designs $5.50
9) sailor boy freebie- brittish designs
10)mercado salvage- decrow/studio tangie 11.95 sale $9.95

11)my sweet little monsters- julia makotinksy $2.40
12)travel the world- asia-julia makotinsky $6
13)travel the world- europe- julia makotinsky $6
14)bee sweet- K studio $5.99
15)bikini season- lynne marie $5.99
16)lil creatures- k studios $6.49
17)beach bound- modern june $2
18)magical- damsel designs $ 7.95
19)magical safari- damsel designs $6.95
20)too wild- damsel designs $4.95

21)sing in the sunshine- natalies little corner of the world $6.00
22)sing in the sunshine free with purchase
23) sing in the sunshine freebie
24)sing in the sunshine freebie- lisa cambell
25)sing in the sunshine freebie- mjaj designs
26)boys don't cry- studio basic design 15,58R
27)future star- spinkydink scraps $3.99
28)just a mutt- natalies little corner of the world $3
29)just a mutt free with purchase
30)just a mutt freebie

31)just a mutt freebie- mjaj designs
32)just a mutt freebie- lisa campbell designs
33)dressup darling- wyld web design $4
34)imaginarium- madymade $3
35)water getaway- mandymade $5
36)rock n roll cafe- gingerbread lady $9
37)eileen- flower scraps $3.19
38) fundo de mar- ca maura $4.50 sale $1.99
39)girls in wonderland- ca maura $5.50 sale $1.99
40)kit world of fairies- pathy santos $4 sale $.99

41)perfect summer- designs by kat $4.39
42)flashbacks of the 60's- plain digital wrapper collab $5
42)flashbacks of the 70's- plain digital wrpapper collab $5
43)flashbacks of the 80's- plain digital wrapper colab $5
44)at the dropoff- bella gypsy $4.50
45)little princess sighs- graham like the cracker $3
46)space adventure- ellie lash $4.80
47)space girl mini- ellie lash $2.40
48)im a dreamer- brittish designs $4
49)when friends meet- designs by vicki/ sweet blossom collab (Theres two blogs to go to)
50)girly summer- lisete scrap $4

51)monsters and mayhem- shellyraeas $4.99 sale $3.24
52)toy chest- lauries scraps $3.99
53)on the river- kellybell $5.50
54)on the river wordart- kellybell $3
55)on the river freebie- kellybell
56) on the river freebie- scrappydappy doo
57)on the river freebie-mjaj designs
58)frame it up vol.1- kellybell $2.50
59)four little monsters- angela zwaagstras
60)camp runamuck- brynn dukes/bzb designs $4.50

61)up and away- dyabel designs $3.75
62)spaced out- dyabel designs $3.75
63)rainbow wishes- dyabel designs $3.75
64)blue skies and sunshine- hotflash designs $5 sale $4
65)if the crown fits- unleashed scraps $4.49 sale $1.50
66)ahoy mateys- unleashed scraps $4.49 sale $1.50
67)acorn club- natalies little corner of the world $5
68)acorn club free with purchase
69)acorn club freebie
70)acorn club quickpage- a grieving mommy

71)acorn club frames- mjaj designs
72) kit wildlife- xandras scraps
73)freebie winnie the pooh kit- friendly scrap
74)freebie winnie the pooh kit 2- friendly scraps
75)on the river freebie- kellybell
76) on the river freebie
77) have tea with me- just so scrappy $3.99 sale $1.50
78)oogy boogy- just so scrappy $3.99 sale $1.50
79) oogy boogy wordart- crazy for montograms $1.50
80) on the river freebie- m2 digital designs

okay guys time to take my daughter to dance camp.
Have a great day
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