Thursday, January 31, 2013

okay i know , I know I said I was going to clean.. and i have been. My kitchen was in some serious need of deep cleaning. unfortunately i smell like bleach.. bluckkkk lol
Okay I was cleaning out my email and came across the with love newsletter. last week they had a blog train that was soo cute.. and i completely forgot about it =( Luckily all the links except one was still valid up til just a few minutes ago... so if you hurry you may be able to catch the links!
Here's what ya get...
here are the links:
WLS FaceBook
Scrapping Artistry Blog
StarryEyed Designs Blog
StarryEyed Designs Facebook
Designs by Angel Blog
Chunlin Designs Blog
Fran B Designs Blog
Mayo Designs Blog
Brown Eyed Susan Blog
Kelsey {Inspired} Studios Blog
Designs by Shelly Marie Blog
AliSarah Digiscraps! Blog
AliSarah Digiscraps! Facebook
Midnight Owl Designs Blog
looks like 2 of them are expired. i didnt see the one on the start page... which is here!

okay back to my regularly schedules cleaning!

scrapbooking right along....

WOOHOO! My day just keeps getting better.... well except all that pesky cleaning that keeps calling to me.. never fear though scrapbooking has a way to lure me back to my trusty computer! lol
Upon getting my Gold full marathon kit, I found a precious little jewel of a coupon from Ramojoscraps, entitling me to a scrapkit/miniscrapkit of my choice..... of my she has soo many choices it was so hard to choice. I kept going back and forth between my favorite princess and 1001 nights.... the colors finally won me over for 1001 nights
here are the 2

You really need to check out her shop! and her facebook! and don't forget her blog!
I just want to say THANK YOU! This was such a great little surprise to my day!
... and shhhh but if you like her facebook page and look under mytabs theres a freebie!
Now go check out her stuff... you know you want to!

                                                                           Have a magical day!

scraporchard's scrappers bowl starts today!

scrapperbowl blog train
ALL ABOARD!! The Scrapper Bowl Train is chugging right along, and you are definitely going to make sure you hit ALL the stops because you can grab not only a ton of FANTASTIC Freebies, but COORDINATING freebies that also match the Scrapper Bowl Challenge Prizes AND the Free with Purchase Kit that you get when you spend $10 in the Market this weekend!!

Just look for this image on each FanPage:

 Here is the Official Route of our Facebook FanPage Scrapper Bowl Train!!

Scrap Orchard
mle Card
Meredith Cardall
Createwings Designs
Little Green Frog Designs
Kristin Aagard
Scrapping with Liz
Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
Dream Big Designs
Lyndsay Riches
SuzyQ Scraps
Ziggle Designs by Kami
Tickled Pink Studio
Bella Gypsy
Laura Banasiak
Red Ivy Design
Chelle's Creations
Amanda Heimann
Happy Scrap Girl

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 Sunday, February 3, 2013
All times listed in Eastern Time

Event: Scrapper Bowl Siggy Game
Location: Scrap Orchard Forum


8am - 9am
Event: Recovery Challenge [Challenge]
Location: Scrapper Bowl Challenge Forum


Event: Interception [Make It Snappy!]
Location: Scrap Orchard Make It Snappy! Forum


Event: Commercial Break [Challenge]
Location: Scrapper Bowl Challenge Forum


Event: Tailgating Chat
Location: Treehouse Chat Room


Event: NFC Champion Stats [Make It Snappy!]
Location: Scrap Orchard Make It Snappy! Forum


BREAK – 1 hour


Event: Tackle Scavenger Hunt
Location: Treehouse Chat Room


Event: End Zone [Challenge]
Location: Scrapper Bowl Challenge Forum


Event: Template [Challenge]
Location: Scrapper Bowl Challenge Forum


Event: Kick Off Game [Bingo Chat]
Location: Scrap Orchard Live
*Arrive 10 minutes early!
Game will start at 6 pm - no numbers will be recalled!


Event: Half Time [Challenge]
Location: Scrapper Bowl Challenge Forum


Event: Blitz [Challenge]
Location: Scrapper Bowl Challenge Forum


BREAK – 1 hour


Event: AFC Champion Stats [Make it Snappy!]
Location: Scrap Orchard Make It Snappy! Forum


Event: Post Game Template [Challenge]
Location: Scrapper Bowl Challenge Forum

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Scrapper Bowl 2013 Avatar Game: 49ers v. Ravens

Ok Ladies, this year the San Francisco 49ers will face the Baltimore Ravens at this year's Super Bowl! To kick off our own Scrapper Bowl, let's show our support for them!

To particiapate in this challenge, you need to "pimp" out your avatar with the team YOU will be cheering for! Post a reply to this thread by February 2, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. EST with your team pick! We will complete the list of supporters for each team and randomly pick winners from the list for the that:

 Now I don't really have a preferences in which team wins. So I chose 49er's... and this is gonna sound totally girly... but it was because of the colors lol. I live in arkansas and LOVE the razorbacks... now be nice I know we kinda suck this year. So the 49er's colors are kinda close to ours.. so I chose them . Here's my avatar I came up with.
  So another weekend of funness (is that a word? oh well) ... well sunday anyways lol
By the way scraporchard has some great daily challenges on their forum. you can find them here  . Ive started doing them again and they are really fun.

Well im off to be a productive adult.... well maybe .. I may just scrapbook or do some crafts. lol 

Have a magical day!

Beginning again!

wow! It has been sooo long since I have blogged. So many things have happened.
...But life goes on and I have decided to restart blogging. There are soo many things I want to share,
and soo little time lol.
guess I will start with scrapbooking.... I love scrapbooking! My hubby asked me last night while I was doing my daily downloads from Gotta pixel, gingerscraps, divine digitals (sadly they are closing their doors feb. 28, 2013), scrapping fairytales, & pixel scrapper. ... how many scrap stuff do you really need? It all looks the same too me.... HAHAHA, ahh husbands. lol No honey they are all different and I need them ALL, I said .

In the post most of the layouts I have done is for disney stuff. The challenges at MOUSESCRAPPERS seem to get my butt in gear and get layouts done. I just completed the speed scrap marathon on the weekend of the 18th
Friday Jan 18th:
126) Kelly (kellybell) – 10:00am EST/9:00am CST/8:00am MST/7:00am PST/3:00pm GMT (PP by Kellybell Designs) (chat by Kelly)
127) Roxana (Roxana) – 2:00pm EST/1:00pm CST/12:00pm MST/11:00am PST/7:00pm GMT (PP by Kellybell Designs) (chat by Roxana)
128) Jenn (mouselvrmom) – 5:00pm EST/4:00pm CST/3:00pm MST/2:00pm PST/10:00pm GMT (PP by Kellybell Designs) (chat by Jenn)
129) Britt (Britt) – 7:00pm EST/6:00pm CST/5:00pm MST/4:00pm PST/ 12:00am (Sat)GMT (PP by Britt-ish Designs) (chat by Britt)
130) Paula (Iluvcrush) – 9:00pm EST/8:00pm CST/7:00pm MST/6:00pm PST/2:00am (Sat) GMT (PP by Keystne Scraps) (chat by Paula)

Saturday Jan 19th:
131) Maireke (Romajo) - 8:00am EST/7:00am CST/6:00am MST/5:00am PST/1 pm GMT (PP by Romajo Designs) (chat by Melinda)
132) Melinda (scrappinnewbie) – 11:00am EST/10:00am CST/9:00am MST/8:00am PST/4:00pm GMT (PP by Scrappily Me) (chat by Melinda)
133) Michelle (msbagley) – 2:00pm EST/1:00pm CST/12:00pm MST/11:00am PST/7:00pm GMT (PP by Mad For the Mouse Designs) (chat by Michelle)
134) Jennifer (jr4mni)– 5:00pm EST/4:00pm CST/3:00pm MST/2:00pm PST/10:00pm GMT (PP by BookLady Designs) (chat by Jennifer)
135) Kelly (afirmbeliever) – 8:00pm EST/7:00pm CST/6:00pm MST/5:00pm PST/1:00am(Sun) GMT – (PP by Arts & Ains Designs) (chat by Kelly)
136) Jessica (Kramer.zoo) – 11:00pm EST/10:00pm CST/9:00pm MST/8:00pm PST/4:00amGMT (PP Kellybell Designs) (chat by Jessica)

Sunday Jan 20th:
137) Julie (liriel) - 10:00am EST/9:00am CST/8:00am MST/7:00am PST/3:00pm GMT (PP by Capturing Magical Memories) (chat by Julie)
138) Patty (nadauh) - 1:00pm EST/12:00pm CST/11:00am MST/10:00am PST/6:00pm GMT (PP by Scrappily Me) (chat by Patty)
139) Melinda (scrappinnewbie) - 3:00pm EST/2:00pm CST/1:00pm MST/12:00am PST/8:00pm GMT (PP by Neverland Scraps) (chat by Melinda)
140) Cynthia (CynthiaY2) - 6:00pm EST/5:00pm CST/4:00pm MST/3:00pm PST/11:00pm GMT (PP by Natalie’s Place Designs) (chat by Cynthia)
141) Lisa (Chef Minnie Mouse) - 9:00pm EST/8:00pm CST/7:00 pm MST/6:00pm PST/2:00am(Mon) GMT (PP by Kellybell Designs) (chat by Lisa)

I finished all of them! I was so proud of myself. For those of you that have never participated in one, this is how it is done. You get 7 instructions on how to do your layout... one instruction every 10 minutes . Then you have to have the layout done within a predetermined set of time and posted in the right gallery... and of course leave love!
Here's my layouts...















Okay these are not in order as this is a new blogger setup I can't figure it out right now.. must investigate! lol But as you can see I was busy and having fun! you can go to my gallery here to see the credits for these awesome kits I used .

Now I forgot to mention that these speed scraps each came with participation prizes if the requirements were made (following the directions and posting on time). These ladies are just awesome and extremely generous!  here's what was offered...

Pretty great right? Well it wasn't over yet. Because I completed the whole marathon I  received the gold for you grab bag... it was around 500 mb of  Disney goodness! There was also a posting love game ...
Get into the gallery . The gallery is over-flowing with awesome pages. For this game I want you to head over to the gallery and leave some meaningful comments for your fellow scrappers.
The amazing Wendy from Neverland Scraps is offering a fabulous incentive for you to get into the gallery. She is donating the following:
75 - 100 comments, you'll receive a $2.00 coupon from her store
250 - 349 comments, you'll receive a $4.00 coupon from her store
over 350 comments, you'll receive a $6.00 coupon from her store
The computer will keep track of your comments... You need to post your starting number in this thread and come back at the end and post your final number.

Guess how much love I posted.....  my posts were 163 starting... ending count 565!!!!! thats a total of 402 comments!!!!
Wanna know what I got with my amazing coupon? 

You can find Neverlands shop here . you can find her facebook here . And you can find her Blog here.

But were not done with neverland scraps just yet.... lol
There was a game #4 recognizing our designers. you could look through there stores and post one item that is your favorite... and you could possibly win it.... Well last night I got a private message from neverland scraps telling me I had won my kit!!!! Yeah how cool is that? ..sooo the kit that I had chose is...
Christmas memories!!! I LOVE the colors, and those frames are too die for, aren't they? I just really want to say a big THANK YOU! to wendy from neverland scraps, this was awesome to have won something.

I also wanted to say a thank you to all the designers that helped out and made the mousescrappers speed scrap marathon such a big hit...
Arts & Ains Designs -
BookLady Designs -
Britt-ish Designs -
Capturing Magical Memories -
Chubby Chihuahua Designs -
FranBDesigns -
Kellybell Designs -
Keystone Scraps -
Mad for the Mouse Designs -
Natalie's Place Designs -
Neverland Scraps -
Polka Dots Chicks –
Romajo Designs -
Scrappily Me -
Ali in Wonderlandia -
Lisa Campbell Designs -
Cynthia -
thank you ladies!

Well that's it for me for now. Hope you all have a magical day =)