Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boo to you!

BOO! Did I scare you?

Ahh fall is in the air (well not here yet its still hot!) but its getting close.
I have been busy making invitations for our annual halloween party. Since the kids are getting older we are having a halloween dance.... Love never dies~ dance of the dead is our theme.
We are going to have a prom king and queen, a costume contest, Im setting up a place to have "prom pictures" taken, a bonfire to roast hot dogs and marshmellows, a dance floor, and of course a scare trail. Were using red, black and white and a lil silver.
Im making these really cool spellbook type of invitations. I will post pics in a few days.

Awhile ago I bought a really cute lil voodoo doll in rue 21 store. In a halloween forum I belong to, they have a tutorial on how to make these. so I have been trying. The first one didnt come out so good. But last night I took my time, and made another and he is adorable. Now I just have to decorate him.

Today we have parent teacher meetings. For my kindergarten stepson it's easy a designated time and your done, but for my older two it is a stand in line for each teacher (both my kids have 8!) talk to the teacher , then get into the next line. Did I mention I hate parent teacher conferences?
I always get the can't really tell you much kourtney is doing good in school ... riley is doing fine do you have any questions for me??? yeah why do I have to stand in all these lines ? lol

Kayla from Kaylalovesminnie contacted me last night with a awesome freebie on her blog... Halloweentime
Its in peices and it only lasts until monday September 27...So run , don't walk...okay scroll lol
to her website and grab this kit. The peices are really cute and perfect for a Disney Halloween.
(I miss halloween at disneyworld... okay who am I kidding I miss disneyworld lol... but I digress)
Heres some of the previews...too cute!

She also has another little freebie on her blog

also just wanted to let you guys know that digiscrap addicts is still doing their designer apprentice. I posted week one from the established and the new designers. Week two has been up for awhiel and week three has been added. Week 3 has some that are very disney-ish!
here are just a few...

I know I havent posted a list in awhile, but I really do have a list saved just need to put up all the links. I promise I will get on that in the next couple of days.
and remember if you come across a kit that you think should go in the list let me know!

believing is only the beginning...

quote of the day:
I Wanna Scare Myself 
Ooh, I love surprises and wearing disguises A horribly hideous costume will do Better
be wary be spooky and scary I'll bounce from the shadows and boo!
CHORUS I wanna scare myself And everyone else
The thrilly, and chilly old willys'll rise Cover your eyes
We buddy beware I'm twitchin' and itchin' to scare myself
Unspeakable sneakables, awful unlookables Galloping ghostles and goblins galore
What it they find you well look out behind you A terrible TIgger-type roar (That would be me)
CHORUS Now Tiggers I figure make scams even bigger
They dress up and scream "Who am I, can you guess?"
And tricks always happen when ghosts are a-flappin' And tricks are what Tiggers like best
CHORUS SPOKEN: And who better? Oh by the way, boo!
~ sung by tigger on spookable pooh

Thursday, September 9, 2010

oha my goshhhh!

Hey girls, while on my wanderings I came across some really cool free kits. The digi scrapaddicts
is having a designer apprentice contest and we get to reap the benefits. I thought I would post these separate as there not really disney-ish type kits, but FREE lol. However I have come to the conclusion that most kits can be made to be disney-ish..... Yes my name is Karrie and I am a disney
So here are previews of these free kits. and remember , this is round one.
Challenge 1 - The 4 Seasons! Create a kit based off the season you are assigned.
Group 1 - Winter, Group 2 - Fall, Group 3 - Spring, Group 4 - Summer
these are from the experienced designers there are 17!:

now for the apprentices...there are 28!:

Well that oughtta keep ya busy for awhile =)

Believing is only the beginning....