Thursday, September 9, 2010

oha my goshhhh!

Hey girls, while on my wanderings I came across some really cool free kits. The digi scrapaddicts
is having a designer apprentice contest and we get to reap the benefits. I thought I would post these separate as there not really disney-ish type kits, but FREE lol. However I have come to the conclusion that most kits can be made to be disney-ish..... Yes my name is Karrie and I am a disney
So here are previews of these free kits. and remember , this is round one.
Challenge 1 - The 4 Seasons! Create a kit based off the season you are assigned.
Group 1 - Winter, Group 2 - Fall, Group 3 - Spring, Group 4 - Summer
these are from the experienced designers there are 17!:

now for the apprentices...there are 28!:

Well that oughtta keep ya busy for awhile =)

Believing is only the beginning....

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