Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well yesterday was a lil disappointing but it ended up being pretty nice.
I made tylers cake in the morning. It took me almost 2 hours to cook the base of the monkey head. Everytime I stuck the toothpick in it was still gooey inside. I made 2 cupcakes for the ears. I made the cake outta chocolate fudge cake mix, and used milk chocolate frosting and caramel frosting for the mouth and ears. I used sour poppers for the eyes and tongue, strawberry twizzler for the mouth, and crushed oreos for the hair. I think it turned out pretty cute. nothing fancy but it was cut.
Tyler and i went to go pick up his xbox 360 that I had found someone on craiglist to fix... never again! We got there he asked my son if it was his bday. Tyler said yes. and he said "happy birthday" and handed him the xbox. Tyler was so excited. he has been waiting for 2 years to get this thing fixed. We went to my moms house.. and it didnt work. I immediately texted the guy back... and spent the next 4 hours arguing with him on the phone about giving me my money back. That is just cruel thing to do to a kid.
So I felt a little bad because other than that I had gotten tyler some tshirts for his bday. Not a great 16th bday present.
We went home and I finished putting together tylers cake. and we made homemade enchilladas. Tyler has been wanting to learn to cook so, I was teaching hi how to do it. he started out spreading the sauce and putting the meat and cheese and rolling it. Then he decided to try his hand at the cooking the tortillas. It was yummy.
We had ty's cake and had ice cream. Then gave him his gift. my mom had gotten him a art drawing set. he really is gettin good at drawing. and a really funny card. He cracked up when he read it. We're hoping to find someone to get his xbox 360 fixed.
After dinner he played call of duty all night... I really HATE that
Anyways here's some pictures from his bday. Enjoy!

Did i mention we have had no water for 6 days?!? During the ice storm last year we were without power for over 1o days. since we have a well it takes electricity to run. the one thing that I will never take for granted is a flushing toilet.... Well since this last bout of freezing weather, we are again with no water.We left our water trickling at night and even was keeping the dryer running to keep it warm under the house... but we woke up sat morning and NO WATER.. no baths, no dishes, no laundry.. and no flushing toilets..wahhh.
oh well what is it my husband was sayng the outher day.. oh yeah perserve, adapt, overcome.
I could do that much easier with a bath. lol
it has been 40, 54, the last 2 days and 48 today. but still no water, I may cry.
Okay well im going to post this, and get some stuff done.
believing is only the beginning...

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