Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Disney ish digital kits

Well after 2 extra days of xmas vacation... it is finally quiet in my house....AHHHHH so nice . lol

Here's some more diney-ish type of digital kits I have found.. Enjoy =)!
1)ooga booga- pure creativity originally $4.99 on sale for $1
2)ddd's dinosaur templates originally $4.99 sale $1
3) my little bug by double dutch originally $4.99 sale $1
4)connor by brooke originally $2.99 sale $1
5)pretty princess by digi designs by nicole $3.99
6)add on to pretty princess free with purchase
7)freebie to add on to pretty princess FREE
8)dreamin by digi designs by nicole$3.99
9)indy by digi designs by nicole $3.99

10)rock star boy- digi designs by nicole $3.99
11)rock star girl- digi designs by nicole $3.99
12)boys will be boys (mickey/goofy-esque colors)- just so scrappy $3.99
13)beary special - connie prince originally$6 sale $1
14)i love rock n roll- connie prince originally $5.99 sale $2.99
15)tomfoolery- bella gypsy originally 5.99 sale 5.50
16)under the bed- bella gypsy $2.00
17)technotronics- jennifer barrette $6.00
18)ever after full collection- jennifer barrette $11.00 sale $8.50

19)undersea adventure- jennifer barrette $2.50
20)majestic wonder- karen lewis $6.50 sale $4.55
21)eezy breezy(tinkerbellish kit)- karen lewis $6.50 sale $4.55
22)a little spacey- collab stolen moments/simply scraps $5.99
23)fantasyland rides word art- kellybell $3.50
24)ariesl grotto- kellybell freebie
25)word art- kellybell $3.00
26)colorful kingdom titles- kellybell $2.00
27)firedancers- whimpychompers $6.00

28)im a little robot- the design girl $5.00
29)pollen nation- sherry fergusan designs $5.50
30)briar rose kit- kellybell $5.00
31)briar rose coordinating word art $3.00

Well thats it folks. have a magical day!

Believing is only the beginning...

quote of the day:
"Mishna ari kreeshna" - Stitch, Lilo & Stitch

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