Friday, December 18, 2009

disney ish digital kits!

Okay I know I havent done this in a looonnggg time. So I figured I would post some disney ish type digital scrapbook kits for ya all. Ya know I love digital scrapbooking, but for some reason lately im usually just scrapping my disney stuff... i need to remedy that lol.
I have even strted drawing disney ish type elements and playing with them on photoshop. I even made some really cute felt princesses, that I drew first then cut out of felt and glued together... I think they are adorable in my own humble I will post pics of them soon.

so now onto some disney wonderfulness.... i miss disney at christmas time =(
#1 mary poppins- fa maura $4.50 on sale $1.99 HERE
#2 This one reminds me of pooh bear so I added it to the collection its called Bright sunshine by mahzhina designs for $4.00 HERE
#3 This kit is called lost in space by Janyelle Mayara for $5.00 HERE
#4.... I recently found this designer through a really neat forum I belong too... They have all sorts of Disney layouts, links to freebies, links to kits for sale, challenges every week, & they are a wonderful group of people.
This designer is Designs by kellybell her website is HERE. She has some really neat kits and adds to them frequently.... heres some of her stuff...

Well theres some eye candy for ya. Hope you enjoy!
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