Thursday, June 10, 2010

vampire month???

Okay I must admit I am absolutely obsessed with vampire movies/books. I love the true blood series, and have read all her books up to date.
I have read several other series of books with vampires, starting with the master ... ANNE RICE! I loved her books and was so disappointed when she discontinued writing about vampires.
the marked books, even though for tweens, I have read each and everyone up to date.
keri arthur, charlaine harris, kerryln sparks, nina bangs, lj smith, pc & kristin cast.... i love them!
(kinda strange to be so into disney... & vampires...oh well I am a woman of many interests =) )

This month seems to be the vampire month.
trueblood is premiering its 3rd season..

True Blood

the gates is a new series they are having on abc, it starts... june 20th @10/9 C

and on the 30th we have eclipse!

Eclipse Movie and New Moon


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