Wednesday, April 21, 2010

is today wednesday already????

Guess that means a new list of Disney -ish type of digital kits for ya all!
I haven't found too many this week. Of course after my monster list last week, some of you may be
Since it's wednesday you know there is of course a new layout challenge at

Hello! I am super excited to host this week’s challenge. This week’s challenge is pretty open ended and I hope lots of people can participate!

Disney Top 10 Lists

Your challenge this week is to create a layout of Disney Top 10’s. I chose to do a layout about my 10 favorite things at WDW on our first trip, but your list of 10s can be anything Disney related. Some ideas you could use:

Top 10 Disney World Memories
Top 10 restaurants at the world
Favorite 10 Characters
Your 10 favorite Disney pictures
10 activities you must do on every Disney trip…

And the list could go on and on! Feel free to use one of those idea starters or come up with your own List of Top 10’s.

Your layout can have pictures or not, whatever works for you. You need to incorporate one Mickey, hidden or not. You must have at least 4 lines of journaling to tell the story of your top 10s (a list counts!)

Requirement recap
  • [*]-list of YOUR Disney Top 10 in whatever category you choose
    *]-hidden or not so hidden Mickey
    *]-can be all journaling or pictures and journaling
    *]-at least 4 lines of journaling (a list of your 10 counts)
    *]-upload your layout to the Mousescrappers gallery, list your credits, link it here and in the appropriate forum thread.
    *]-if you can, leave loves for your fellow participants
Sounds like fun!
It also looks like they have a new template challenge up too !

okay now on to the Disney goodness.....
1)neverland has a freebie O'toodles for a limited time
2)Fairy princess- scrappin sisters
3)Speedy does it- southern creek designs $4.49 sale $3.37
4)just beachy the hand cut stuff- plain digital wrapper $4 sale $3
5)just beachy the real stuff- plain digital wrapper $4 sale $3
6)creepy crawler feltys- tracy monette $2.40
7)happy sea- americo $1.95
8)oriental inspiration- scrappybug
9)safari qp- thunder scrap
10)tales of the orient- sherrie JD $4.00

11)peace love luck- psychoZoe
12)peace love luck- psychoZoe
13)peace love luck- psychoZoe
14)peace love luck- psychoZoe
15)peace love luck qp- scrapheapscum
16)opening night- brittish designs/ stolen moments $ 7.00
17)opening night off script- brittish designs/ stolen moments $3.25
18)opening night freebie- brittish designs
19)opening night freebie- stolen moments
20)puddle jumper- connie prince $3.49

21)puddle jumper wordart- kims scraps $2.29
22)little bit rock- pixieperfectdesigns $5.00
23)lil bunny foo- pixie perfect designs $4.00
24)cute alice-dani salles $4.00 sale $3.20
25)african friends- elyane araujo $6.99 sale $4.54
26)deep blue sea- digilicious designs $3.00
27)high octane- heather roselli $6.99
28)tol korean 1st birthday- helena jole $6.00

kellybell has some new stuff too
she has 2 freebies- when you wish upon a star qp
mickey head balloons word art

mickey head balloons revisited $2.00
that covers it! $ 3.50

well I guess there was more than I thought today. Remember to get to the kits click the higlighted names . and the "freebee" is from dede smith's "friendz of the woods" kit

believing is only the beginning...

quote of the day: Dr. Jumba Jookiba: [approaches containment chamber] Oh, can it be? Have I done it?
Stitch: [uncurls, looks around] Ooh...
Dr. Jumba Jookiba: So cute. So fluffy, even.
[Jumba stares into glass, Stitch sniffs around]
Dr. Jumba Jookiba: Where did I go wrong?
Stitch: [Stitch growls, jumps wildly around glass]
Dr. Jumba Jookiba: Ha-ha-ha, what a relief.
~ lilo and stitch 2

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  1. Thank you for putting all the Disney-ish kits together for us!