Thursday, March 11, 2010

thursday ?!?! disney -ish type kits

I'm late. I'm late! for a very important date.... okay well maybe not so important but I kinda enjoy it =) Sorry guys last week was just busy, and yesterday i was finishing up most of the stuff for my daughters Mad hatter tea party Un- birthday party next weekend... kids parties are hard work!!!

Well since it is another week there is a new challenge up at
Wow 25 already! Seems like just yesterday I was posting challenge #1! Again, I am posting late and I apologize. I just cannot keep track of anything these days.

One of my favorite things about Disney is the music. Before I visited the parks so many times, when I was younger, I adored the movies because of the music. I have several Disney CDs in my car, it's what I usually listen to.

So.... this week's challenge is going to be music related. Use a song to inspire your layout. You may include lyrics if you like but that is not required. If it's not obvious on the layout, please tell us what song you used as your inspiration.

In addition, I want to see bunches of flowers. It was like 60 degrees here today and I am ready to see some flowers bloom! Plus I really love them!

1. music inspired
2. at least 5 flowers on your layout.
3. no double dipping, ie can't use this layout for another challenge here at Mouse Scrappers
4. must be Disney related
5. challenge ends Tuesday night
6. post your layout in the Mouse Scrappers gallery
7. post your image and link to your layout in the gallery in this thread
8. leave loves for others!
9. also post in the corresponding thread to the topic of your layout. If your layout is about Main Street, post it in Magic Kingdom > Main Street section.

no posting prize yet but she said if she could scrounge one up she would.

now without further ado.. your list (its for the 2 weeks) Since I keep a notepad with all the info on it as I find them then just post them on wednesday.. erm... thursdays lol

1)zoobilation- jacabean designs $5.50
2)no monsters allowed- suzy Q $5.59
3)into the wild- ziggle scraps $5.20
4)happily ever after- droopette designs $3.90
5)around the world- collab britt-ish designs/ sahlin studios $ 7.00
6)taste of the world bundle- collab britt-ish designs/ sahlin studios $ 15.00
7)ocean friends- ellie lash $ 6.00
8)a pirates life for me- flutter expressions $ 5.99
9)sweet panda-monium- designs by jen yurko $ 5.50
10)travel the world - miss honey

11)down the rabbit hole blog train- the goodie train

12)alice in wonderland- misshoney
13)dream wish and belive alpha- manda bean $3.49 sale $2.79
14)dream wish and belive- manda bean $7.99 sale $6.39
15)dream wish and belive scramble- manda bean $2.79 sale $ 2.23
16)spectrum- heather rosellini $6.99 sale $ 5.59
17)spectrum alpha- heather rosellini $4.29 sale $ 3.43
18)dino world- droopette designs $ 3.90
19)around the world- droopette designs $3.90
20)au natural- inspiration from day $ 6.00
21) atomic 2- studio polka dot chicks $ 3.50

22)atomic odds n ends- studio polka dot chicks $ 2.00
23)atomic alpha- studio polka dot chicks $2.00
24)alice- digital reality bytes $6.00
25)the mighty jungle- tullula moon $6.99 sale $5.45
26)tommy-saurus - crisdam designs $4.80
27)rain pouring down on me- charlize creations $ 3.49
28)impossible things- studio tangie & rebecca mcmeen $7.00
29)too excited to sleep- 973 designs $ 4.00
30)tag your it alpha- 973 designs $ 2.25
31)aye aye captain- designs by colies corner $1.00

32)mr. roboto- double dutch designs $4.99 sale $2.99
33)fly me to the moon- double dutch designs $4.99 sale $2.99
34)fish face- double dutch designs $4.99 sale $2.99
35)dress up- jacque $1.99
36)oh deer- shabby miss jen $ 7.99 sale $5.99
37)tiki tango- quirky twerp $6.49
38)birthday magic- courtney wilson $6.00
39)pop frenzy paper pack- quirky twerp $3.49
40)pop frenzy element pack- quirly twerp $3.49
41)to the moon and beyond- scrapalicious cereal $3.99

42)to the moon and beyond add on- srapalicious cereal
43)2 disney templates- m2 digital designer

Okay thats it...phew. blogger is acting up and I wanna get this posted before it goes kaput on me.
Rememeber you can get to the kit by clicking the highlighted link and the "freebee" is from Dede smiths friendz of the woods kit...

Believing is only the beginning...

quote of the day: I wonder if I've been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!
~alice in wonderland~

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