Wednesday, March 17, 2010

mad hatter invitations

When my daughter said she wanted a mad hatter tea party, I think I was just as excited as her... We started scouring the internet looking for ideas... when we decided upon the invitations... this is the picture of what we wanted.. you can find the site here

*I bought black cardstock, ribbons ,feathers,a package of antique button elements in the scrap sections, and playing cards.
*I used Brittish designs "alice" kit to make the actual times and date part of the invitation.
*I found a top hat clipart online and printed one of at the right size, then I traced it and cut out 14.
*I then stapled the ribbon on either side.
*Next I glued the feathers, and the embellie on one side of the hat on the ribbon.
* Next I sized the cards, and then sized the invitations to print.
* printed them
* glued them on the cards... on the plain side
*then I glued one of the paper doilies to the back kinda sticking out side top
* then slid them into the ribbon band of the hat
Next I wanted to make my own envelope since I couldnt find any that fit the invitations
*I found a template online and resized it to where i wanted it
* I printed one and cut it out, traced them on the back cardstock for the envelopes
* I cut them out and also cut out triangles of funky paper scrapbook paper to line the top part of the envelope
* I glued the traingles on then folded the bottom up and the sides over and glued them....
and done.
Here are some pics of the finished products

So please be honest whatcha think? You can click on the images to enlarge to see it better
Believing is only the beginning....

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