Wednesday, March 17, 2010

setting a proper table hehehe

We used this pictures as inspiration... found here

We picked out some awesome plates at hobby lobby. We also got some purple napkins and I made some flower napkin rings.

To make the napkin rings:
* I bought some satin covered napkin rings from the dollar tree, some of the bright colored daisy flowers from the dollar tree, and some rhinestones from walmart... and my handy dandy glue gun.
* all I did was cut off the flowers at the very top
* hot glued the flowers to the napkin ring (i used an old shower curtain rod to hold the rings in place)
* then hot glued the rhinestones to the flower center.... and voila done!

I also made a really neat flower arrangement for the center of the table.
I bought a huge teacup planter from hobby lobby, and flowers from oops store ( it is an awesome discount store.. lots of flowers, and decorational stuff)

I made a table cloth for the center of the table. We are using a plain black table cloth over the whole table and then this one I made will be sitting in the middle of the table diamond shaped not square.

Next up are my name card holders.
We got little clay pots from the dollar tree in pkgs of 3. spray painted them white, added sand in the bottom ( to keep them from wobbling over). I put in a white styrofoam ball, squirted glue over top and placed some of the artifical moss over top. on top we bought these really pretty neon colored butterflies from hobby lobby. I hot glued a paper clip underneath but close to the top of the butterfly, and placed them through the styro ball. after we get the final head count and maes I am making name cards to put in each one.

for silverwear we just got some clear plastic silverwear we had from the winter storms where we lost power.
you can click on the images to enlarge and see a better pic.

Believing is only the beginning...

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