Thursday, March 18, 2010

dress the part

So my daughter decided she wanted to dress like the mad hatter, and not exactly like him... she wanted her own version of the mad hatter. so we set off and bought funky material, and I altered some of my renaissance costume patterns to match.
when she put it she was so adorable..
but I asked her if she will be embarrassed to wear a costume of no one else is... but nope.. of course if you saw some of the things she wears to school you'd know.she definitely has inherited her sisters style.
here is the front and back of corset

and my little drama queen

Well Im off to get some work done... maybe. I need to go down and grab the banners i made and post them on here tooo. they'll be up soon.

Believing is only the beginning...

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  1. that's an awesome outfit!! I want one for Halloween!!!!!!!