Friday, April 28, 2017

Gift wrapped in thoughtfulness & love...

Yesterday was my first day back to work in forever in a long time. lol. I'm going to say I'm pretty proud of myself. I ain't gonna lie it took alot to get motivated and get off the couch and get dreseed, walk down to my car and go. I just feel pooh. It's so hard to describe. My kidneys are still sore from the biopsy and my body feels achy everywhere. my head constantly hurts, and ohh god am I just tired. But I also now that depression is a very real thing and as much as Id like to just wallow in it and stay layed up on the couch in a warm comfy blankey, until I get to hot a throw it off... only to grab it again after a bit... I also know that I need to try to get out of it. to feel useful. to feel a little more normal.

So yep I went to work last night and it was nice. I mean I'm definitely paying for it. I got home I was exhausted my feet back head and hips hurt and I just wanted to sit on the couch and not move.
A couple days ago a good friend of mine from work texted me and asked how I was and said they had something for me and wanted to bring it out. Monday was a horrible day I kept getting sick. I was still in my pjs (shhhh I stay in my pjs alot lately) & I hadn't even combed my hair.. So I told him he really didnt want to come out that day. He told me that was ok he'd bring it to work. So last night he had his friend danielle bring the gift up to work. Him , Danielle, and Taylor had made me a little gift basket.

So let me just tell you first of all I tried really hard not to cry. It was incredibly sweet of them to think of me.I  know that I get so caught up in being sick that I don't pay attention to everything else going around and for that I am truly sorry. Sorry for the missed days at work that others had to take up the slack on. the not returned calls or texts. Not visiting. And for them to take time out of there lifes to say they are thinking of me is amazing. I do have alot of truly amazing family and friends.

One of my absolute favorite things in the world even to this day to do is go through the stocking and pressies at easter and valentines day from my mom. It's almost like a tradition. she still gets us this baskets/ stocking with little odds and ends in them. But they are all chosen specifically for things we like. My husband has started trying to do that and I am thankful for that. This gift was just like that & it made me smile and my heart be filled with warmth. I looked through the basket a little while I was at work and by the time I got home I was exhausted . So this morning I opened it up to check it out.
they truly put thought into what they got. And from the bottom of my heart I thank them.

Just look at these sweet faces. I made them let me take their picture with it.. they were a little reluctant, but Im presistant ;)
 So I'm just gonna show ya what they got me!
The giftie -they even painted my name on it :)
under the papers...
Okay this part is awesome.My skin is soo dry all the time and my lips are always dry from being dehydrated. My husband rubs coconut oil on my feet everynight. and he says I spot chapstick wherever I go lol.. they got me some lotion, chapstick and a mudmask
jellybeans are one of the ways to my heart love them! jellybeans, airheads and a wonder woman cup...Wonder woman.. NEED I SAY MORE!
the crafter in me squealed when I saw these... scrapbook paper, sharpies, and sickers~ superhero, butterflies & baking!

& wonder woman jammie bottoms!

Again I just want to say how sweet & considerate this was.. and how incredibly blessed I am to have such wonderful friends & family.

Cancer sux Ya'all!

~Hope is what guides us. It's what gets us through the day & especially the night


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