Tuesday, May 24, 2011

week 6 cupcake

Blueberry white chocolate cupcakes. I let riley pick this weeks again. This is what he wanted.
We got the recipe from here

Her picture is just awesome. We followed her directions exactly. I used fresh blueberries just like she did. However mine all kinda sank to the bottom. Anyone know of a tip on how NOT to do that?
lol. Overall besides all the blueberries being at the bottom, these were pretty good. we especially like dipping the blueberries in the last remaining batter and eating it. I ate one of the cupcakes without the frosting on it, and it was heavenly. I never really tried a blueberry before. so when I was making them I popped one in my mouth.. ahh it was so good. almost like a cheery without the pit. So I popped another one in....YUCKY!!! not to self don't eat the squishy blueberries! firm one =good
squishy ones= makes karrie spit it out. lol
Since I only made 12 of these ones ( we still have some snickers and banana) Hubby has only eaten 3 at a time heehee
here is our cupcakes

credits: cap blogfreebie 73009
cybernate- simply scraps
far away friend- jennck
heal- mikki livanos

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