Tuesday, May 24, 2011

cupcakes week 2 & 3

Yes I cheated. I made two cupcakes this week. this week was mother's day . We went to my mom's house for mother's day and spent the day with my sister and her family, my mom and my brother.
This is also a special mother's day because my oldest daughter is going to be a mom. Yep that means Im gonna be a gulp ...grandma... but hey mom if your reading this your going to be a great grandma and my grandma will be a great great grandma... yikes.. doesn't seem possible. so yes in September 29th is the due date. Our family will be one little girl bigger. she had her ultrasound the outher day.. and IT"S A GIRL!!!!!! yeah so many cute girly things lol... okay cupcakes.... anyway

We decided to make french vanilla cupcakes with strawberry filling and lemon filling...lemon is my fave!
So I bought 2 of the french vanilla cake mixes and made them according to the box directions. I made 2x's as many since my husband said he never gets any. He also bought me this really cool frosting gun from hobby lobby. It's plastic and you can put on a tip and just squeeze it like a gun. and it has a long needle type tip for filling inside. (sad side story. my daughter washed these in the dishwasher after she was told to hand wash them. the long tip fell down in the bottom and burnt on heating element. I kept asking if something was burning and everyone kept telling me no... next morning.. waaahhh total carnage.)
So we cooked the cupcakes and let them totally cool. then we filled the centers. I put the strawberry pie filling in the blender as there was huge chunks of strawberrys in it and it wouldnt have squeezed out with the tip. And if I make these again I think I will use jam. The pie filling was really sweet and runny after I blended it.
Then I used my handy dandy frosting gun to swirl the frosting on top. On the strawberry ones, I sliced up fresh strawberrys and put them on top and on the lemon I sprinkled the grated lemon peel (store bought stuff) My hubby said they were good but after a couple days the strawberrys on top got rubbery =(
so here is our creations for week 2 & 3

ps. the credits for the kits I used are
cupcake queen river rose(strawberry)
cherry limeade- enchanted studios(lemon)


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