Monday, March 16, 2015

Make it Monday!.. Peacock Pillow

I love Peacocks!
They are so graceful. So beautiful. So unique... And ohhh those colors.
Yep I love em!
Sooooo I have decided to redo my bedroom.
Any guesses on the theme?
Yep... peacock colors!
Im trying to find some wooden shutters so I can paint them dark turqiouse/ teal and distress them for my windows. & I have see through purple curtains I ordered since we had none at my walmart... of course now that I ordered them we will get some in.. story of my life lol.
I changed out my cedar chest at the end of my bed and put on old trunk. this thing is old and just screams shabby. But I love it .
and my favorite part is a project Im working on I will share later. painting a wing back chair.
So I came across a pillow on pintrest... cuz Im never on that site.. "she says sarcastically"
I was bored, it was snowing, I was trapped, and I have a fabric stash .
So I figured what the heck I'll give it a try. This was super easy and I love how it turned out
Here is the original picture of the pillow
You can find this little beauty at
The sewing loft
You can find the pattern for the peacock there.

So away we gooooo.
First your gonna need supplies:
fabric for pillow
fabric for peacock body
fabric for feathers (you can use the same or mix and match)
and fabric for the crown
stuffing or a pillow insert
fusible interface
thread and embroidery thread (optional)
sewing machine
~ Now your gonna go to the aforementioned website above & download and print that pattern.
1) Cut out a body, cut out 30-32 feathers (the OP used the fusible interfacing when cutting these out, I didn't have any on hand only regular interfecing which I used but using the fusible would be ALOT easier attatch to the back of the material before cutting them out) , & cut out your crown if your gonna do that. I hand embroidered my crown I liked that better, but its a matter of preference. For my feathers I mixed em up and used different fabric leftovers I had.. Hey I was stuck in the house.
2) cut out a square in the background material you want in the size you want. My burlappy material
was already cut , cuz yes it was a leftover too... Hey this was a free project .. BONUS!
3) Now if I were you I'd do this part on the ironing board so you dont have to move. Mine were not fusible and I didnt do them on the ironing board. So I had to take a picture and replace them when I moved them.. lesson learned lol. Place your peacock body closeish to the bottom.. not on the bottom.
arrange your feathers where you want them. & iron them on.

4)The OP said she likes to zig zag stitch up the middle, which I did because remember I was the bonehead that didnt have fusible interfacing. But I liked it becuase it gave it a feathery feel. She says you can zigzag around the edge to give it an applique look but I had different plans.

5) I hand embroidered... (did I mention I was bored) around all the feathers and my peacock, making a feather stitch. If ya don't know what that is you can google it or look at my make it monday for felted owl ornies... that reminds me, must bug my mom to make me some of these stinking cuyute owl ornaments she has been working on.. ohhh mommy I really like white hint hint wink wink..
sorry got distracted

6) becuase I didn't put the crown on I just hand stitched with embroidery thread to make a crown.

7) FINALLY you get to sew er up. Since I was just using leftovers I only had one peice of burlappy material... it's a word I promise! So I put a piece of that fake black velvet material on the back .
& since I was stuck at home I tore apart two of my older pillows that I was no longer using to
use their stuffing...
There sacrifice was NOT in vain!
put the right sides together and sew around edges making sure to leave a gap to fill. Pull it the right side out and fill, then hand sew the opeing... and VOILA! your done.
I really like the way this turned out. So cute.
If ya have any questions or have one to share please feel free to leave me a comment. You can follow me at pintrest HERE!
Happy Craftin Ya'All!
 until next time...

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