Monday, March 23, 2015

Make it Monday!.. Painted Wingback Chair

Todays another Make it Monday! day & I am SUPER excited to share this weeks tutorial.
As I've mentioned before Im redoing my bedroom in Peacock colors..
cuz well I just like love am obsessed with Peacocks.
So my bedroom used to be maroon and cream... and a looooong time
ago I bought a $20 wingback reclining chair . It matched my comforter perfectly.
Well while on.. Yes pintrest, I came across these beauties...
 So the first one was reupholstered. I gave that a thought... for about a second. then decided that would be hard.
The last 3 are painted. Yes I said Painted! I decided it was a cheap chair and didn't match anyways so the least that would happen was I'd throw it away....
 I am not even exaggerating. I am so pleased with it.
By the way you can click on the pictures to be taken to any of these lovely ladies blogs to see their
methods and pictures.
So lets get started!
Painted Wingback Chair
Here's what yall need
*chalk paint
*paint brushes
*plastic drop
*wax paste
* some aleve for your back just kidding.. well maybe

1)The first thing you want to do is make sure your chair is clean.Don't worry if it's wet.

2)Put some drop cloth on floor underneath and around so you don't get paint anywhere.
I was doing this in my bedroom and it took a bunch of room since I had to be able to get around it.

3) paint... now you can buy your own chalk paint but it's kinda expensive... OR you can make your own!
this is super simple. get a bowl you will never use again
The recipe for the chalk paint is:
1/2 cp plaster of paris
1/2 cp water
1 cp latex paint
~ mix the plaster of paris & water together in the bowl making sure you mix it thouroughly so no clumps of plaster is in it. Then add the paint and mix it all up.
I mixed this amount the first time, but the 2nd and 3rd time I used a double portion it was just easier that way
(by the way I ended up using 1 pint of paint and 2cps with some leftover from the 2nd pint to make this chair)
I picked out a lightish turquiose color. I got mine from Walmart.. hey I get a discount & im always there. I got the colorplace flat cool and clear turqiouse.
(For my legs and the stencil & stripes I just used acrylic craft paint)
My plaster of paris was leftover from when I redid a dresser, as was my wax paste.

4) Get a spray bottle and spray the are your gonna paint. This helps the paint stick & absorb.

5)Now is time to start painting. my chair had two different fabric on it. The sides and back was a diamond shaped pattern that made it hard to paint straight. I had to paint up and down then diagonal
and then diagonal the other way.  My front of the chair has those patterns and some are raised. That required me to do a little round swishing brushing. Just make sure you get it all painted every nook and cranny, including in between the cushions.

6) Let it dry. I really didnt let it dry for too long. just long enough to give my back a break for a
a little bit & took some aleve... Yep I really did. Bending over for that long takes a toll out of ya.. I must be getting old Jeesh lol
 This is what my chair looked like after one coat
7) Paint another coat on the entire chair.
I did 3 coats to get it totally covered and made sure none of that stubborn red was showing through.

8)Now you can leave your legs the color they are or paint them. I was going to do white but then I decided on black. It matched better. Im so glad I did. I used just plain acrylic paint the kind you get in those little bottles for like 50cents I didn't want the plastic to stick to the paint so I used lids to put under the legs (you can see in a couple pictures down)
I painted 2 coats on the legs. then I decided to paint the tubing parts of the chair. Im not sure of the technical term for this  but you can see what I mean in the picture.
(Be warned this is hard to not get any on the regular painted parts and to keep straight line. Mine is not straight and there are some parts I had to go over with the turquiose paint to cover up mistakes. It's not perfect but I like the way it turned out.)

9) I stepped away from the chair at this point and thought this is pretty cool. But I really liked the stencil in the artychicks chair.. so I decided to try it. I had previously bought a stencil kinda like that a long time ago, that I never used. I searched everywhere for that sucker. while I did not ever find it, I did find stuff I had been looking for  for awhile. Oh well you win some you lose some.
I looked online and saw one I kinda liked so I free drew it on a paper in the size I wanted it to be.
I thought I would be clever and scribble with pencil all over the back of it and go over the stencil with a pen so that it transfered the pattern to the chair....
(make sure you use painters tape so it doesnt pull your paint off when you take it off)
However after meticulously retracing all those patterns & pulling it off. Very little showed on the pattern due to the raised areas of the fabric.. Well C@$%&t ! So I grabbed my pencil and redrew it all again on the chair.

See the lids... Here is the chair before I retouched areas
Now that it was completely dry & the way I wanted it. It was time to wax it
10) I bought my wax paste at walmart. I waxed a pretty big dresser, and this chair, and there is just a small dent out of it. this stuff really goes a long way.
So you need to find some cheesecloth or a soft cotton cloth. I used a old white tshirt. Just smoosh it around on the paste and start rubbing it into the fabric. I was a little worried about the stenciled part so I did that first, but it went on fine and didn't mess it up. You want to make sure you cover the whole chair, into nooks and cranny, legs, around those stripes parts. after it's dry buff it off a little
and your done! Throw away your drop cloth, clean your paint brushes.. and Enjoy your creation!
You can see on the bottom left of the chair there is a bit if rough spot. My fabric was messed up there a bit. I thought it might smooth out when I painted it but it didn't. I don't mind it. I thought about uplostering just that section, but then I decided it wouldn't match right so I just left it the way it is.
Now Im gonna tell you this chair will not be soft like fabric. It feels more like leather or vinyl. But it's still comfortable to sit in.
Do you remember my peacock pillow from last week? Here's where that little guy is. And that cool blanket on the back is one my mom made me for xmas a couple years ago. It fits in perfectly and wasn't even planned that way lol.
 If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.
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Happy Craftin Ya'All!
Until next time...

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