Monday, January 19, 2015

Make it monday!.. Ipad personalize cords & interchangeable cases

It's another Make it Monday! time again...
Today I'm continuing on with my ipad accesories.
Today I'll show you how to make
cheap interchangeable ipad cases
bling out your ipad cord to make it your own!

first up....
Interchangeable Ipad cases
Here's what ya'll need...
* a clear case ( I got mine on ebay for $3.98 with free shipping)
* picture for what you want to make your personalized ipad case
*template for case
Tools: scissors, exacto knife, ruler, modge podge ,paint brush
1) So the first one of these I made I drew the template onto the wrong side of the
paper... if you do that the camera hole  is covered... duh!!!!. So I  redrew it on the right side of the paper. I also figured out that while this worked you have to recut down parts becuase they stick out the holes that are used for the buttons.
So the next one I made I just measured the ipad itself and drew the rectangle out. I cut it out & placed it in my case to see what needed to be cut down, and made my camera hole mark.
I used posterboard for this so that I could have a template.
So now I had a perfect template.
For this project you can use all sorts of things. I used napkins, scrapbook paper,
greeting cards, & I am going to try to make some scrapbook ones and have them printed.
I cut out some posterboard templates to make some. Since the napkins were so think I needed something that would be stiffer. I just modge podged my template and placed the napkin, then added a cover coat to it. (*remember to make sure the camera hole is on the right side before doing this lol)
you can make all sorts of these and change them whenever you want! super easy and soo cheap!
This was the first one I made using scrapbook paper and a sticker.
This is my current one Im using... for today. I made this one using a greeting card.
The zebra, butterfly, & black and white are the napkins. (my butterfly one is a little bumpy, there was 2 layers of napkin and it bubbled in places)
The yellow, white & green and the black with flowers are scrapbook paper.
For the minnie one that was a color book cover I had... See you can use just about anything!
I love these!
Bling out or personalize your ipad cord
Sooo super easy... and cheap.
1. Take your ipad cord  
2. put washi tape around the big white part.

Seeeee easy!
Okay go forth & CREATE!
I'd love to see any you make just leave me a comment below. Any questions? Feel free to ask.
Happy Craftin Ya'All!
until next time...

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