Monday, May 19, 2014

Make it monday~ Milk Glass & Sea glass ornies

It's another make it Monday!
I almost didn't do anything this monday, but decided to pull out some of the ornaments 
I made & share them for this make it monday.
At christmas time I went to silver dollar city in Branson , Missouri. they had a big huge shop 
set up with all sorts of trees with ornaments for sale. I fell in love with the snow and pastel ones.. and then i went searching through pintrest... thats never a good idea... or it is depending on who's looking at it lol.
I went in search of my old balls and found some that was the right color, then went to hobby lobby. I wanted that vintagey seafoam minty green but noone had it, pinks, light blues, and silver and white.
So I made myself some... sometimes being craftsy is AWESOME!

I love the milk glass balls I have seen on pintrest and you can make em whatever color your heart
desires.. Score! & I also loved the sea glass coloring of the mason jars...
So I made some!

You can find the tutorial for the 
Milk glass ornaments right HERE!
So gather up your things...
supplies: plain glass balls ( I got mine at hobby lobby for 50% off)
Acryllic paint in whatever color you like
A place to let them sit & something to let the excess paint drip out of.
Step one.. this is really hard...
you squeeze some paint into the ball. you then turn it over and have to manipulate the paint to go where you want it to cover all the areas. I had to put more paint in .. used swirly motions tipped it one way , tipped it the other, rolled it lol...
Eventually it gets completely covered. I held it over my paint and let the excess drip back in for awhile. When it seemed to stop. I moved it.
Step 2. place somewhere to let dry... upside down!
I had some muffin pans I got at the dollar store that always makes things stick so I decided to sacrifice them.
I placed some wax paper under them to catch excess paint.. and there was alot of it.. BE WARNED!
I later confiscated some unused toilet paper tubes and used them ( I was saving them for antoher project for firestarters lol) this got them up and not sitting in the pooling paint. Good thing is that you can clean the outsides off relatively easy so if you get some on them, you can fix them.
And that is it. Let them dry completely or the paint will pull away from spots and leave an uncolored spot.
If that happens just repeat put a little paint in and cover back the spot, and let it sit upside down. I let mine sit for several days and was really suprised at all the excess paint that came out & was wasted.

Now that they were done.I  left about half of them the way they were & decorated the outside of some of them, from inspiration I found on pintrest.

Now the 
~Sea glass Ornaments ~
I found this tutorial right HERE!
Here's what ya need
Supplies: clear class ball, modge podge, food coloring, & something you can cook this on.. i used my old muffin pans
step 1- take a couple teaspoons of modge podge ( i actually used about 1/4 cup), & add some drops of food coloring and a few drops of water to thin it out a bit... this is not an exact science the darker your color is the darker the glass. you can see my colors but they turned out darker than I wanted.. thats okay I still like em)
After mixing them pour some into the balls and swirl around , cover all the areas. turn upside down and let the excess drain out just like the milk glass balls. 
Step 2, When you believe you got all the excess out, place them in your cooking pan. I also stuck mine in toilet paper rolls first to keep the excess from getting on the outside,
Step 3- set your oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit let them sit in the oven for 1-1/2 hours.. i let mine sit a little longer than that. you will see the color getting translucent.

Remove from oven & let cool ... & your done.. or you can decorate the outside. Mine turned out darker than I wanted , I still used them and like them.. but I really wanted more of a lighter color... note to self for this year lol
& there ya go Milk glass & Sea glass ornies for your tree!
you can follow me on pintrest by clicking HERE and clicking follow... and if you have any ideas or great pins... let me know in my comments and I will follow you...
Here's a few more of my Xmas inspirations....

Happy Craftin Ya'All!

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