Monday, May 12, 2014

bad blogger.. but I have a really good excuse

I know I have not been a very good blogger lately.
I have recently found out that my cancer is back and I have been
taking meds for it. They make me so weak and tired. I promise to try better...
sometimes just having an outlet for my frustration helps. Im working on a new make it monday and I am going to try to do a quote of the week wednesday..we will see!
I hope you all had a wonderful mothers day. I layed on the couch all day watching black sails marathon, with hubby rubbing my back. He made me a steak dinner, with baked potatoes , buns, and salad... Sadness is that i am still eating on it (He made it saturday night after I got off work I ate some for lunch today and still have some left)  I did eat some yogurt yesteday and that helped a little so I may have to buy a bunch of yogurt. He bought me the newest tinkerbell movie but I just havent watched it yet. He even made me a banana split complete with vanilla ice cream , bananas, pineaple, strawberry, & hot fudge sauce and even put on a cherry... AWWW! 

I know this road is hard, some days are worse than others.. sometimes I wanna cry, and sometimes I just wanna scream... but hopefully the end will have a positive note...
And just as a side note... I know they say god only gives you what you can handle.. I think he may have overestimated me some days lol
and what doesnt kill you makes you stronger.. whoever said that never had to stop on the side of the road to throw up before
* True story, I am heading to work the day before mothers day. I had to stop to get sick, this very nice couple stops to see if I needed any help... If someone could die from embarrassment that would have been one of those times. It makes me thankful there are people in this world that will stop to help someone... just wish it would have not been so embarrassing lol

Cancer sux!
Wish me luck !


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