Monday, September 12, 2016

September is uterine cancer awareness month

September is Uterine Cancer Awareness month
Bet you didn't know that. Yeah I didn't either. Sometimes I get so mad because the only cancer people really hear about is breast and children. While I agree those are horrific,  they are not the only ones.
Today has just been a horrible day. the kind of day where you are either freezing or burning up and can't be in between. 
Where the hot baths , the muscle rub, the heating pads, and the asprin help none whatsoever.
The kid of day you just cry and then feel bad about crying, but can't help it so you do it anyways.
Where your lips are so dry there sore from dehydration but not even chapstick soothes them.
Your soo tired from anemia but when you lay down to try to sleep your thoughts keep you awake & the pain in your muscles just ache so bad.
Sometimes life just sucks. It throws you all kinds of curve balls and doesnt bother to give you a play book.
Tomorrow will be better...
Hope is what guides you, it's what gets you through the day & especially the night...

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  1. I know that what you said is true. I watch my mother go through episode of this off and on for 26 years before she lost her battle against ovarian and uterine cancer. Keep up the good fight. Marie H.