Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Make it Monday! Woo Pig Sooie Bracelets

Yes I realize this is wednesday.. shhhh we just won't say anything.
It's time for another make it monday!
You know that story alexander and the no good horrbile day? 
Well that was my day yesterday. I had a plan.. and we all know how those go ...
I was going to take a bath and soak my sore muscles. But then I thought I should clean the toilet. We have a well and get really bad hard to clean hard water stains. So I put in the cleaner to let sit. Then I thought oh, I will do the tub too. then realized there was no tp. So I ran to Westville to grab some and so I could let the
 cleaner sit for a little bit. I came home and cleaned the toilets. Then I said Oh I really need to fix my blonde streak.. So why don't I do that.  anyone that has dyed their own hair knows how hard it is .
I put the first part of the dye on, and while waiting for that watched some flea market flips... love that show, and worked on my baby/ toddler pearl necklaces. Rinsed the hair and put in the cream developer so isn't brassy. watched some more flea market flip and finished necklaces. Hubby got home by then. I started rinsing my hair and then washing it, and my arms were just aching.
We watched some tv and then ran to subways. My back and arms and head were killing me at this point. i know it makes me sound like a baby... but I actually cried. not cuase it hurt that bad... although it did hurt. but becuase I hate feeling so weak and not being able to do the things that I used to have no problem doing.. I mean come on .. I was just washing my hair... washing my hair!  
Anyways todays a new day... Onward & forward!

So for todays(uh hmmm ) Make it Monday Im sharing some Razorback bracelets I made.
I mean come on us girls need some glitz! I LOVED how well these turned out. Although the whole process was not so easy lol

So I gathered my supplies:
* beads of choice colors
*beading wire
* tiny beads for danglies
*headpin for danglies
* charm
*metal washer
*O rings
looper, crimper, metal stamper, hammer, scissors, needle nose pliers

I made the bracelets first.
 I hand stamped the washers with my  metal stamper and my hammer.
I hand made my danglies with headpins and a looper to make a ring at the top.
Now the hardest part of this was drilling a hole in my washer... I know it should have been pretty easy. I had done this lots of times before. But with my meds making my muscles weak.. I was having a hard time. I actually ended up trying to press harder and broke my drill bit.. cutting my thumb pretty bad... 
now I have a war wound lol
I do not recommend it to anyone! and Yes I cried!

So now holes were drilled, I put a o ring through my now holes and put one dangly and a charm on . 
Then attached them to the clasp part.
Here is what they look like on
I am pretty proud of how they turned out...
Go Hogs!

Happy crafting Ya'All!

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