Monday, March 31, 2014

Make it monday: Vinyl flower Hair clip

Make it Monday time again!
Awhile ago I was in hobby lobby and as I was going by the already made flower clips I saw a really cute
vinyl/pleather type of flower clip. I just kept thinking of that flower. I admit to being a tad obsessed sometimes. So later I decided I would give it a try.
I used a technique I use to make the satin singed edge flowers.

Sorry girls I tried to find a picture of the same type of clip and just couldn't find one.

So first things first... gather up your supplies:
You will need:
*fabric (pleather for these ones or you can use any outher fabric, as you will see on the bottom the fabric makes it have a different look)
*a button or something for center
*some felt
* a hair clip (HINT: I got a huge box of these at sallys for fairly cheap.... and they work better)
*tools: glue gun, needle & thread, and template

I designed my own template but its not that hard. you will need two sizes- one big and one smaller. I made my big one first, then cut out another one, and just cut it down a bit.
For my flower I cut out 8 large size & 6 small size, you could probably do 7&5 out of the vinyl (or fabric)
When you have all of them cut then all you have to do is get your needle and thread. Tie a knot at the end .
then just start weaving the needle and thread through the bottom part of the flower, when you get to the end grab the next flower petal and continue until all the same size petals are connected. Take the string and pull until all the petals come together in a circle shape, Tie together. then do the same for the top section.
Now what you will want to do is put the bigger section on the bottom, and the small section on the top.
Taking your needle and thread, sew the two pieces together. Now depending on what you are wanting in your middle, you will sew it on or glue it with your hot glue gun.
Voila- flower is finished!
Now that your flower is complete flip that bad boy over. 
Take your felt and cut a circle (enough to cover up the hole in the middle & a little extra) & a piece rectangle (enough to cover up the clip piece and attach to
to the outher felt.)
Glue the circle part of the felt to the flower. Wait a second and let it dry.
Here's what I do to attach the clip, you may find an easier way. I take and put glue up and down the felt and
place the clip on it with it open (DO NOT let it close or it will glue closed)
I grab the glue gun and run some glue over the part of the clip thats on the felt, and quickly place the rectangle peice of felt over it and let the clip down.....

& thats it... See not so hard!
These take very minimal amounts of fabric and can be made so many different ways.
As you can see there is a vast difference in the look using different fabrics.
For the bottom flower I made it exactly the same way, the only difference is
that on the satin, I used the singed flower technique around the edges.
If you make one please comment below with a linkie! I'd love to see it!
Happy Crafting Ya'All!

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