Thursday, August 15, 2013

some news from true north scraps

I'm so excited to announce that True North Scraps is the Featured Designer at Scraps N Pieces from August 16 - 31!

This is going to be so much fun!

Turtle Scraps:  Every couple of days, early in the morning, a set of 7 instructions will be posted.  You will have until 6 am CST the following day to post your LO in the True North Scraps gallery at Scraps N Pieces.  The reason we're holding Turtle Scraps is so that my friends from  Europe, Asia and Down Under can play along too.  Chats may be held any time during the day though, so watch for the schedule that will be posted at Scraps N Pieces and on my Facebook Page.  Chats are optional events, but you never know when the RAK Fairy might show up...  Every Turtle Scrap you complete within the time limit will earn you a piece of my kit called Sunday Afternoon!  

If you can't collect the whole thing, "Sunday Afternoon" will go in all of the TNS stores on September 1st.

Bingos:  We'll be holding a few bingo games during the 2 weeks Dawna is featured designer.  You will be given a list of words to choose and you make your own bingo card.  Bingo cards must be completed and submitted one full day prior to the scheduled bingo game.  Bingo will be played during a chat.  The RAK Fairy may be attending those games!

Treasure Hunt:  On August 16th, look for an image with some easily identifiable pieces of various kits in True North Scrap's store.  PM your answers to Dawna before the end of the month and if you are correct, you will earn a 25% coupon to her store!

Group Hug:  Another super-easy way to earn valuable savings!  For every 5 comments you post in the True North Scraps gallery, you will earn 5% off a purchase in TNS SNP store.  You can collect up to a maximum 50% off!

If you participate in the Treasure Hunt and Group Hug, you can potentially earn a coupon worth 75% off one purchase of TNS products at Scraps N Pieces!  Coupons will accumulate throughout the featured designer time and one coupon for the full prize amount that you earned will be awarded by September 5, 2013.

Midnight Madness:  Every Friday night at midnight in August (Aug 16, 23, and 30th), Dawna will put her Scraps N Pieces store on sale for 24 hours for 60% off all regular priced products.

Now that I've explained all that, are you excited for August 16th to come?!!  I sure am!

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