Monday, April 6, 2015

Make it Monday!.. Wood pallet sign

Happy day after Easter everyone!
I hope you all had a great day, I know I did.
Me & hubby went to my my sisters house, & spent the day with my mom, my sister & her boyfriend,
her 2 kidlets,  (my amazingly awesome nephews), & my brother.
We watched the boys hunt eggs, watched big hero 6 & ate the most yummilicious food..
cuz everyone knows that mom's food is always the best!
Then when we picked up the stepson, we ran to grab some stuff from walmart & since he didn't get to celebrate easter, we went to the casion river buffet and ate...MMM crepes!
family, food & fun..
what could be better?
Now don't get jelly but my mom made my sister & I these adorable little bunnies
Okay so for Easter, I made my sister a distressed wood sign, & since Easter is
over I can now share.
I saw a realy cute sign on pintrest that said you are my sunshine. I had heard my sister say she liked that saying... soo lightbulb moment.
yep I decided to give it a try.

Wood Pallet sign

I used wood fence board for my sign but you can just as easily use pallet wood.
( I can never figure out how to get those suckers disassembled lol)
*I originally cut my boards 24 inches, but the top part of the fence made it uneven . So I evened that up. I cut 3 peices. So my sign is around 16 1/2 by 22.
I then used some thicker boards I had left from a previous project and using wood screws
attached to the back to hold all the pieces together. ( I used 2 pieces across the entire length)
*Next I spray painted the front and sides of my sign BLACK. I knew I was going to distress this. and thats the color I wanted showing through.
* when that was dry I took cream colored acrylic paint and started painted over the wood. Since this was distressed looking, I left areas not covered as much so black showed through.
* Now I took a plate and drew the circle and painted it yellow, again not painted it a solidarity color just more in some spots less in outhers.
*Next came the words, I drew this out on printer paper then colored the back of the paper with black crayon. I then taped it to my sign where I wanted it, and traced with a pen over the letters... transferring the pattern with the crayon..
*I used a navy blue to paint the letters, I did paint this one in pretty solid, hower I did distress it later with a dremel tool.
*I then took a light turquoise color and made a line on bottom & on at the top.
* I sanded it in places to give it a more of a distressed look and ...
Here it is with the little owl I picked up at the dollar general for her, I however decided it needed a bow. so I made one for it :)

Happy Craftin Ya'All!
until next time...

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