Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Make it monday- Waterfall necklace

Hello people. I have decided with all the crafts I do and my  obsession love for Pintrest, I would start a Make it Monday. (Yes I know Im a couple days late lol) 
Lately I really love the big chunky statement necklace bracelets... I am not a skinny type girl lol 
(long island medium- store lady: your a chunky jewelry person  medium: chunky jewelry for a chunky girl) She cracks me up!

Today I am posting about the waterfall necklace. This was extremely easy.

you will need 
*a necklace chain big is better for the base (  I got mine from walmart it was 19 in but I wanted it longer so I added smaller chains from older necklaces I had in my craft supply)
*some small chain necklace chains (I think I used almost 4 with leftovers- mine were 90 inches long from walmart)
* jumprings
*needle nose pliers(2 preferably)

~ First because I made my necklace longer I added my chains to both sides with a jump ring of my base chain, and added the lobster clasp that came with my chain to one end  the bigger jump ring that came with my chain to the other.
~I then counted and found my middle 2 links and marked them with a little piece of wire just so I could remember where to start.
~ With the small chains , I cut 6 -12 in, 4 -10 in, & 4-6.5 in
~I attached each chain with a jump ring to my base chain starting with the 12 inch, to my 2 marked middle peices. and then put 2 on each link beside it (each one should be on its own link- so takes up 6 links), next to those 2 on each side of 10, and the 6.5 on the 2 next to those... making a waterfall effect.
~ now thats where the tutorial tells you your done, but when I looked at it I thought it needed to be fuller. So I cut 6 -10in, 4-8 in, & 4-4in more.
~ attaching them to jump rings i did the same thing except I put them on the same links( so now you have 2 chains on each link) so The 10 in links were now on the same link as the 12, the 8 with the 10, and the 4 with the 6.5
It made the necklace a little fuller. I wanted this necklace for a particular purpose so I stopped there but the possibilities you can do with these are endless, I think I may make another one and add some stuff to it later...
If you make one or have made one I'd love to see it, so just post a link in the comments .. and share!

Here is the youtube video I used to make mine...

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