Monday, February 3, 2014

Candy hearts & Love letters by Ponytail designs

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and love is surely in the air! �The Ponytails team have gone above and beyond coming up with some amazing pages to show off these two new collections. First off is the February Buffet from GingerScraps. �Ponytails' part is called Candy Hearts. �Sweet hearts and lovey-dovey moments... that's what young love is all about. �Remember the excitement and joy of your first puppy love? �Capture that feeling again with this super sweet collection. �Candy Heart anyone? You can pick up the full kit for only $4, or the individual parts for even less. �And if you pick them up by the 5th, they're half price... that's �a full sized kit for only $2! ponytails_CandyHearts_preview   ponytails_CandyHearts_smallpreviews  
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As if those gorgeous pages weren't enough, the team have also been hard at work with the Scraps 'N Pieces February Bits 'N Pieces. �Ponytails part is called Love Letters. �Once upon a time people had to write letters to stay in touch. �It was considered almost an art form in itself. �The ability to write a beautiful letter was a highly prized skill, and love letters were the most prized of all... kept safe and cherished in a hope chest or locked up roll-top desk. �"Love Letters" captures the forgotten romance of this by-gone age. �Evoking vintage romance, this kit will be sure to charm. �What better way to say, "I love you" or "I miss you" than with a letter... and a beautifully scrapped page! �The BNP parts are on sale for only $1 each until the 7th.
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Now there's just one last thing... Ponytails has also created a new template set,�Splitsville Vol. 2,�which is�being offered as the Feb. 1st-15th Free With Purchase! �Just spend $10 in the Scraps 'N Pieces store to get Splitsville Vol. 2 for free!

Happy Scrapping Ya'All!

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