Monday, July 1, 2013

big ring templates by Fran b's designs

Today, we will be looking at FranB's newest release, Big Ring Templates in detail.  Some people are not in their comfort zone when working with templates.  Some have no idea what to do these and others can't scrap without them. I'm somewhere in the middle.

With particular software programs, like PSE, you go piece by piece and put a layout together that way. With some help from a friend, I did it!  I'm still very new to PSE and I have a long way to go, but this was an excellent way to get started with templates and it is great way to get started with digital scrapbooking.  It is an excellent resource for people who claim to be "not very creative".  Sorry folks, but if you are into any kind of craft or art medium, you ARE creative!  You just don't give yourself enough credit.

When you download your template, you'll see each frame has a piece of a template and that's great for the programs that support it, but what about the others that do not have it?  Let me help you out and explain to you how I do it.  I work with, MyMemroiesSuite 4 and...don't laugh, PowerPointe.  So many people have PP on their computer and don't even realize that they can scrap with it.

Let's take a look at FranB's first template.
If you are not going to piece it, then what will you do?  This first layout I did in MMS, just by making my program smaller on my screen, then opening up the picture like you see here, above and shrinking that and putting it right next to my program so I don't have to keep closing it out.
I started with the elements on the bottom and worked my way up.  Keeping all of the smallest embellishments for last.  This layout I really followed piece by piece as close as I could, but I don't usually do this.  I did it to show you how possible it is.  It doesn't have to be perfect, right?
Here is another layout that isn't exactly like Fran's, but more of a base.  Lovely, eh?

Above, is another super example of a smilier template design.  She used extra papers in the background and gorgeous, heart scatter.  Adding your own little touch puts your stamp on it and makes it different from everyone's.  This is also useful if you don't have the particular element that they use on the template.
Let's look at the next template.
Wow!  There sure are a lot of elements here.  I went pretty close to this one as well.  I couldn't wait to use FranB's, "PBJ" kit again.  I don't know what it is about this color combination, but I love it!
Below, you see a slightly different, yet stunning layout using the same template and "Just Because".  I love that pinch of bling.

This was one of my favourites from the stash.  With fewer elements, it is a great starter template and super easy to change and alter, too.  Take those paint splatters on the left.  You don't have to put those in or you might use scatter or some other ellie in its place.

Here's a great, literal example of the template using, "Summer Lovin'".   Some extra backgrounds were subtly introduced on the right and I love the use of the sun in place of a circle.  Great idea!  There is even journaling and the circular stitching.  (Which I have no idea how to do.)

Below, I used the same template but changed its position on the layout.  I used circular journaling, too.  I added some extra background papers at an angle which turned out pretty nicely and arranged some insects in a circular fashion as well.  This "Buggy" kit is really fantastic.
This next layout is also mine.  I made at least one layout for each template and then several for the easiest layout to show you all of the different things one can do with the same template and get a completely different look.  That is also why would advise keeping your templates for the moments when the mojo is low.
I framed up the template and used those lovely suns in place of the paint spatter.  I also used paper strips instead of ribbon.

Romajo has her own version of the template, too.  I loved that purple splatter and the mask she used in place of paint splatter.  The Bingo card is also an excellent addition!
When I first saw this template, I was like, "Wow!"  I loved it, but then I saw those waves and knew I didn't have a program where I could or at least knew how to make them.  So check out this next layout and see my substitute.  I use triangles instead!  I think the effect turned out ok.  Of course, "Smile" is definitely a favourite kit of mine and I personally, think that any layout looks great with this kit.  hehehe...I didn't use the flowered, circle frame, but used a scalloped ellie instead to add some more interest and a little more colour with the extra papers on the bottom of the background.  I even used journaling.  I still am riveted to these colours.

I love what Karrie did with this template and "Spacey", another awesome kit from FranB.  No flowers here!  She replaced them with other ellies, making this all her own.

I hope this entry on templates will help you use them to their fullest or even get you started.  If you have any other cool tips that you use with your templates, let us know.

Clicking on any image will hook you up to a store where you can purchase either the kit or the template.

Thanks for joining us!

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