Monday, April 22, 2013

a new release from True North Scraps

It's that time of year when motorcycles start appearing regularly on the streets and highways.  Dawna is an avid biker and can't wait for enough snow to melt for them to take the dust cover off their motorcycle and hit the road!  Well... not literally.  They intend to keep the 'rubber side down' and enjoy their rides.  Remember to look twice -- you could save a life!  Motorcycles are hard to see and we hate to hear about any crashes involving motorcycles because you know it's not usually going to end well for the biker(s).

Dawna knows that she can't possibly be the only scrapper who enjoys riding, so she made this kit for people like her:

Lookin For Adventure

This kit has 35 elements and 20 papers, all ready for your photographs of your exciting adventures, whether they are on a motorcycle, a scooter, and even (as you will see from the LOs made by the North Stars) child-sized vehicle adventures too!

Also included is a very bright alpha of upper and lower case letters, numbers and many symbols - including the very hard to find tilde (~), £, and € symbols!

Here's a look at the amazing and creative LOs made by the North Stars:

I made one too

This kit is selling at SNP and HS for only $5.00, but it will be on sale for 30% off for the week of April 20 - 28.   It will be available at the True North Scraps store at My Memories at a later date. 

The North Stars enjoyed working with this kit and some of them went the extra mile and made some wonderful freebies for you!  Check out these North Stars' blogs and grab 'em!

Here's my freebie!
you can grab it here!

Happy scrapping!

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