Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summertime fun.. Bits n peices parts from Ponytails Designs

Pool parties are just one of the awesome things we do in the summer.  Summertime really is the best time of the year, with so much fun to be had!  What’s not to love about hot, sunny days, floating in the pool or the lake, and running through the sprinklers?  Popsicles and ice cream help keep you cool while putting a smile on your face.  Bike rides, long walks, camping trips, pool parties, and BBQs… let’s face it… there’s no better fun than Summertime Fun!
This collection was created for this month’s Bits N Pieces at SNP.  Ponytails Designs has to admit that she had a lot of fun making it… and had a hard time stopping!  She's not sure why, but she really love those pool noodles.  They make her smile just looking at them!  Stick with me through the end of the post to find out about some coordinating freebies.  And remember, both packs are just one dollar each for the week of BNP!
ponytails_blog BNP 775px
ponytails_blog BLANK 775px
Ponytails Designs didn’t make anything this month for the GingerScraps Buffet… there just wasn’t enough time in each day to get one more thing done.  This little thing called “work” keeps getting in the way!  BUT… in lieu of the Buffet she does have something that you’ll probably like even better. She teamed up with Kimberly of Leaving a Legacy Designs for the July Daily Download.  Every day this month you can pick up a part of our awesome new kit!  Just head to the GS blog to download it starting today!
Now, anyone who knows her  kits knows that they aren’t exactly small.  And well, Kimberly is just as bad as Ponytails Designs in that department.  The word “mini” is just not in our vocabulary… so take my word for it, this is one enormous daily download!  Here’s the sneak peek…
ponytails_blog DID YOU KNOW 775px
Just one last little thing before we move on to the goodies.  Dandelion Wishes is now available in  Scraps N Pieces store, and it’s 30% off all week!
ponytails_blog FREE GIFT 775px
Now on to the good stuff! Ponytails Designs has some goodies that coordinate with Summertime Fun.  The first is this set of stars that you can grab right HERE.
This big set of bottlecaps will be sent out with Ponystails designs newsletter on Friday.  If you’re not yet a subscriber, you can sign up HERE.
And finally, for a limited time you can grab these alphas on Ponytails Designs Facebook page. she made them to look like the pool noodles.  Little things like that make me smile.  :)  Keep in mind that once the first week of BNP is over, these alphas will be bundled up and sold with the full kit.  (Technically the green isn’t part of the BNP, but I wanted to include that colour anyway.)
Oh, and just a note… even though that preview says “alpha” it’s really five full alphas.  I just forgot to fix it.  Enjoy!

& here's what I did with this summer fun kit
Happy Scvrappin Ya'All!

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