Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Make it Monday? Red , White & BOOM!

Happy (almost)4th of  July!
This year I am feeling a little bit more patriotic.
One of my sons is already a Marine, & my other son is a poolee going to bootcamp in January
Just not having as much energy due to my meds this year. I didn't get as much decorating done as I wanted.
but I did put up a little bit.
 Notice my vintage tin marine sign.. got that little beauty half off at hobby lobby.
The america half circle sign I got from the dollar tree last year, the painted tin can and basket was goodwill finds... love them thrift stores!
the printable ,burlap wreath & mason jar I made last year. The we support our troops I recently made.

So as to how this is (uh hmmmm ) Make it Monday, ima gonna share...
First up last years burlap wreath
Last year on pintrest I found these beauties..
And I WANTED one...
I followed the directions found HERE
I didn't use actual burlap I bought some burlapy looking material and used that. My flowers are different ones made out of different fabrics. and my flags I tea stained and pt back on poles.

Next I found these.. yep on Pintrest
I opted to make the flag covered one... but I may make the others for next year..hmm lol
Remember those tea stained flags from my wreath... well those handy little suckers come in a pack of 3!
I got a frosted mason jar from walmart, cuz I liked th look of it, and I already had jute rope laying around. Super easy.. Didn't even need directions lol

For my printable I Saw a really cute subway art printable from 36th ave. I got a cheap frame, painted it red and sanded it in places to make it look shabby.

I really like those tin stars but I really didnt wanna buy any lol
when i saw this on pintrest, I thought I'd try it.. it didn't work out how I planned but I still think its cute. I may have to retry it again later

 Her tutorial can be found @ grey luster girl HERE

Now for this years project. Since My sons are in the Marines, I wanted something that said we support our troops. I used two peices of oldwood we had outside. I got cream , Dark red, and dark blue cheapo acrylic paint. and I used a stencil for the troops part.
I painted one peice of wood red and the other blue. I hand painted shabby stars in the blue and stenciled the troops in cream on the red. I then hand painted we support our in black. you couldn't see it very good so I went over it with puffy paint. I may need to go over it with another color or something. you can barely see it on the wall. I used jute to make a holder. and used a smaller peice of wood in the middle to attach the two peices together... Voila.. so very easy!
I used Ponytails designs new kit Eh for all my pictures. this was made for canada day but the colors are very patriotic and I love em lol. so wanted to give Ponytails designs a big shout out!

I have a bunch more projects I would love to make on my pintrest.. here's a few so you can drool too lol
Happy Craftin Ya'All!

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