Friday, April 4, 2014

I made it past round 1! Gingerscraps Survivor

Is anyone else doing gingerscraps survivor?
I am!!!!
It's my first time, and it has been soo fun!
The first challenge was posted on March 15, We had until March 30th to post our layouts
Challenge week one was- Theme song
The song I picked was Im a survivor. I thought it really fit in right now
Here's my layout
Here were my credits:flurrious fun template- simple girl scraps
find your bliss- ponytails designs
pretty as a peacock- keystone scraps
extrodinary life- wendy tunison designs
sew wonderful - wendy tunison designs
just us may- wendy tunison designs
she survived- wendy tunison designs
a whole new me= ponytails designs
So the new challenge is chosen now.... And I made it to round 2!!!!!!
This weeks challenge is treat street... when I saw that I knew exactly what i wanted to do.
On a trip to silver dollar city with my mom in Dec of 2013. when we first got there we went into the bakery and shared a GIANORMOUS cinnamon roll.. it was ooey gooey warm goodness!
While there we were searing through the paper thy give you telling you about shows and a map ect.
There  was an ad for funnel cake & deep fried veggies on a stick. We searched all dang day for that place.
When it was almost time to go we finally found it.
Victory was sweet!... and warm (it was a snowstorm right before lol- there was snow and ice everywhere)
so here is my 2nd week submission
Heres my credits: ponytails designs- county fair
wendy tunison designs- just us june -alpha
pretty in green- threes company template

Happy Scrapping Ya'All!

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