Monday, August 23, 2010

Everyone's mad around here....

Some people have asked about my daughters mad hatter tea party back in march. I posted some pics of the stuff we had made but they wanted to see how it went. For food we had finger sandwiches, pickles, olives black and green, cheese and crackers and peperoni. The girls had pop. and they each got an UNbirthday cupcake. I made the cake. And we played a game similar to dirty santa. I bought a small gift from the dollar store for each guest, and different bags, big and small. I stapled them shut so no one could see what they were. We drew numbers. Number one went and picked out a bag, opened it. Number two either took number ones gift or picked a bag. Number three could take the gift from either one or pick their own, and so on until the last number. BUT... number one got to take someone elses or stick with what they had. It was alot of fun. My daughter said she was to old for playing games lol. Unfortunately we planned for this party for close to a year. and it just so happened that that one day at the end of march we got snow... LOTS of snow! We ended up with 2 of the girls getting stuck here.
But it was fun. I found a ton of really cool games to play with littler kids on the internet. But my daughter wanted to be a party pooper lol.

anyways heres some pics!

believing is only the beginning...

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